Mobile Marketing for Business

The world is mobile. There are 5 Billion mobile phone users worldwide. That means that your customers are mobile! Would it surprise you to learn that 91% of all people who use mobile phones have their phones with them all the time?
However, fewer than 1% of local businesses are utilizing mobile technology in their marketing efforts.

Why Mobile Marketing?

So what are Your Customers & Prospects using their mobile devices for:

  • To perform Local searches & browse the mobile web (One half of all local searches are done on a mobile device)
  • To communicate via text message or voice (the average mobile phone user sends 3x as many texts per month as uses voice calling)
  • To watch and share videos and images
  • To find deals & coupons
  • To locate local businesses in proximity to where they are
  • To shop & purchase products & services from local businesses


Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing is the most direct and personal way of staying in contact with, and getting in touch with your customers and prospects. Mobile Marketing is immediate and interactive. It allows the customer or prospect to interact with your brand or offer right away.

Traditionally, businesses would put their marketing message out there, and then play the waiting game. Wait for a response via phone, a walk in, a hit on the website, etc. But with mobile your marketing message is delivered instantaneously and spurs interaction from your prospect.

Mobile Text Message Marketing and QR Codes are 2 options that can have an immediate impact in engaging your prospect and customers in spurning interactivity and immediate action.

You can send mobile coupons and specials, have a contest, provide your customers with specialized content and much more.