Video Marketing Services for Local Businesses

video marketingIf online video is not part of your marketing strategy, then you are literally missing out on hundreds, even thousands of potential prospects and customers every year. Online users love video because it’s engaging, easy to consume and delivers information faster than other types of media.

TrueNorth3 offers clients extensive options for professional video marketing services and video production services. Our production and distribution services ensure that your business will receive the attention and quality it deserves. Our experts are skilled in SEO, branding, web traffic, and web marketing, and we take pride in creating custom video campaigns that are effective and efficient.

Video Production

Our video marketing specialists will do it all — script development, talent scouting, filming, film-editing, and more.

  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Voiceover
  • Talent
  • In Studio or out
  • Editing
  • And more!

Video Distribution

Our video marketing specialists know SEO and keyword optimization. Once your video is complete, we will make sure it hits the market in all the right places. Once we have channeled your video campaign through the most effective media outlets, the results will come pouring in.


The importance of Search Engine rankings cannot be denied. Our experts will optimize your video for a top spot in the rankings, causing a massive increase in the number of people who will be exposed to your business.

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Local

Web and Mobile Marketing

TruNorth3 will build your notoriety and enhance the image of your business. By establishing your business as the number one option in your market, we will build the foundation for the future of your business. The best part — once we establish your video marketing campaign, it will continue to work for you day and night.

Customer Testimonials

Gathering and sharing video testimonials is a great way to show customers you care about their opinions. It has also been proven successful in building brand loyalty and establishing a strong customer base.

Talent Scouting

We know talent when we see it, and our video marketing experts will find the perfect fit for your business.

Recording and Voiceover

Our experts in professional recording will stamp your video with quality, memorable music and voiceover.

Web Sales

Our sales and marketing campaigns are unmatched, and our knowledge of web and mobile sales will help propel your business into the future. Building a strong customer base, and extending those same opportunities to others will build loyalty as well as revenue. Our specialists will develop a simple, easy walk-through for your online sales platforms that any customer can navigate.