Text Message Marketing for Business

Text Message Marketing for Local Businesses

The world we live in is becoming more mobile every day. If years ago e-mail was the way to market, today it’s by text message. Statistics show:

  • Over 90% of the world’s population live in a place with mobile network access
  • Over 77% own a mobile handset (5 times more the number of PC’s)
  • The U.S. has over 328 million active mobile phones.
  • Mobile phone users have their phone at reach 14 hours a day
  • 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes of delivery
  • People are 20 times more likely to redeem mobile coupons than paper coupons.

The only question is whether you are using this tool in your business or not using it, and leaving money on the table.

More About SMS Text Marketing

Text message marketing, also called SMS marketing (stands for “short message system”) is a marketing channel involving sending short marketing messages via text message software from a business to multiple mobile devices of prospects and/or customers at once. Normally an SMS’s length is 160 characters, but recently some Smart Phones allow longer texts.

Text marketing allows a business to communicate a unique personal marketing message to unlimited customers and prospects in real-time, in which action can be taken immediately by the recipients. The immediacy and personalized nature of  Text message marketing makes it a powerful form of direct marketing.

Major Benefits of Using Mobile Text Message Marketing

Higher Redemption Rates and Cost Advantage

Average redemption rates for SMS marketing campaigns are over 20%, keeping in mind that newspapers or direct mail rarely reach over 3%. It is not uncommon for redemption rates on well planned campaigns being above 30% and higher. Studies show that the return on investment for text message marketing simply can’t be matched.

High Read Rates

Over 95% of SMS are read within the first 5 minutes they are delivered, that means that 95% of your targeted market will read your messages and potentially participate in your marketing messages call-to-action.

Unmatched Reach

People always carry their phones with them; therefore it doesn’t matter where they are, because your text will reach it’s targeted audience.


Marketing campaigns through text messages are easy and fast to set up. A new text message sent out reaches customers in seconds and gets read quickly.

Increased Sales

Good marketing campaigns have good results, which means increased sales for your business. This is the main purpose of using any kind of marketing for every business.

How Text Message Marketing Works

Getting Started with Text Message Marketing is Pretty Simple.

Here at TrueNorth3 Mobile, we provide cutting edge text message marketing service. We will help you set up your text message marketing campaigns. First, we will provide you with a five digit number called a short-code. Then we will help you choose a “keyword” for your campaign.

Here’s an Example of a text message marketing campaign in action:

Step 1:

Let’s say you have a restaurant and we help you set up a mobile VIP campaign and advertise it throughout your local area, maybe in a print ad you’re running, on a flyer, at your place of business, etc.  People see your campaigns throughout your area.

Step 2:

People begin to text “Your Keyword” to the “ShortCode”

Step 3:

They automatically receive a preset automated message right back to their mobile phone that says something like: Welcome to our Mobile VIP list, thanks for joining! Show this text to receive a Free Appetizer on your next visit. Join us for our big event this Thursday!

Step 4:

Now they are opted in to your mobile list in your database, and you can reach them anytime you want with new offers, events, holidays, etc.  As your mobile list grows, the power that your mobile marketing campaigns have on your business will grow.

We can help you set up different campaigns for different types of customers, for example:  If you have a wine club, we’ll have a separate keyword for your wine club list, maybe “TonysWineClub.”  If you want to build up your lunch crowd, you have a separate keyword for them, “TonysLunch.”  Maybe you have bands on the weekends, “TonysLiveMusic” and so on.

This way you have segmented and ultra targeted lists that your business is building. Text Marketing used in this way is extremely powerful and smart marketing.

We have a ton of great ideas that we’re just itching to share with you, and we’re excited to help you get started today!