The use of QR codes for small business marketing campaigns are still ‘developing.’ Many small businesses have not yet realized the potential of qr codes for marketing. QR Codes, (AKA Quick Response codes) are a type of matrix bar code originally designed for tracking purposes. They however, became extremely popular for other uses especially storing information as they can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters.
QR codes can store important information such as addresses, contact details and website URLs. They can be placed in any form of advertising media including magazines, newspapers, print ads, menus, business cards, instruction manuals, flyers to name a few. The convenience it offers to consumers makes QR codes for small businesses an ideal marketing choice.
QR codes work by creating a unique 2-D bar code that you can scan with any mobile device. Mobile devices can have the ability to read and even save quick response codes once installed with QR readers. These QR readers are free of use and can be easily downloaded over the web.Applications of QR codes for small businesses are very diverse. The most common uses however, are as follow;

1. Information Powerhouse. QR codes can contain product, event, promotion, contact, and even how-to details. Any information your current or even potential customers might need. This has always been the catch of this technology, being able to acquire needed information within seconds definitely improves customer satisfaction and overall experience.

Moreover, QR codes are very flexible means of advertising. They can be placed literally on every strategic location you may want to. Banners, print ads, newsletters, even bus seats, subway benches, and waiting sheds. As with any other form of marketing, the potential for its use is literally limited only by creativity.

QR codes can also effectively take advantage of social marketing. It can create and expand a community of consumers as QR codes can contain links to Facebook fan pages and other social networking platforms. Overall, it can effectively improve customer awareness and knowledge over your firm, and this is always important for an effective marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization and Improving Analytics. Like how images, videos and backlinks add valuable content to your website, QR codes also does the same. Furthermore, the traffic generated by it can also be monitored and tracked, and so you have a clear hint of its performance. In general, it can increase search engine visibility and website analytics, and this is crucial for small businesses online.

3. A Tool for Viral Marketing. Sharing and data transfer always provide the pipeline of an effective viral marketing. The use of this technology is literally free, and so more and more people are getting into it and using it. As QR codes may be used as discount, promo, or even ‘referral’ coupons, it basically has the potential of making users bring new potential customers for you. The manner of how you exploit this potential is entirely up to your creativity. The rule is just to ‘optimize costumers by encouraging more sharing.’

To top off its many beneficial uses, they are also cost-effective. And this is primarily why QR codes for small businesses are and will always be a big hit.