Mobile Website Design & Development

Mobile Website Design & Development

You have a website and maybe it’s doing fine – Getting some traffic through to it. But have you thought about getting a mobile website designed? Is it worth it? Surely it would be only a gimmick, just a little extra to offer visitors? The internet is growing fast. It has since its inception some twenty years ago. In fact, the internet is the fastest growing technology that mankind has ever created. New technologies, software and hardware developments help to increase our need and ultimately our dependence for the internet more and more. However, one of the most interesting and probably not so surprising statistics to show internet usage of late, are the figures based on mobile internet usage.

According to data provided by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide New Media Market Model (NMMM), from 2010 onwards, it is highly likely that there will be more users accessing the internet using mobile technology than the traditional old methods. Let me repeat that. Very soon most people will be accessing the internet via mobile means rather than traditional methods.

Think about it. Most people owning cell phones have access to the internet. Tablet PCs like the iPad are becoming extremely attractive alternatives to notebooks and the like, and will only continue to grow more and more powerful, more and more useful.

What does this mean for the traditional standalone website? In most cases, it means that those websites, while performing well on computer screens, do not perform at all well on mobile technology. Users are out and about now. They need information immediately, they need to find a shop or a business, they can access the internet on their phones or iPads and they log on, type their search criteria into google and what appears to be the solution to their problems appears at the top of page 1 of google. Fantastic, it’s your site.

They click on this site. Oh no. The site does not display properly on their device. The user returns to the search results page, selects the next site (your competitor’s), and this displays beautifully on their device, and provides them with all the information they need. The user is happy, your competitor is happy, but you are not. Why? Because you have not optimized your site for mobile technology. You are throwing business away.

For every second that passes and your site is not optimized for mobile use, you are losing more and more business. Remember, more and more people are using mobile technology to serve their internet needs and while you still remain at position 1 in google, you are losing so much business by not being able to display your services or products to this market. This massively growing market.

The solution is thankfully quite simple. You need a mobile optimized website. All the content, all your services, products and information is all there, on your regular website, so all you need to do is to essentially reformat the display of your site in order that it will display properly on a mobile device. There are plenty of tutorials providing useful information on how to do this, of course it depends on how your site was created, but the safest and best way if you are unsure how, is to employ a professional to do this, especially if time is not on your side.

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