mobile marketing for restaurants

Mobile Marketing Strategy to Help You Reach Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere!

Most people, including your prospects and customers, leave the house with 3 things on them: their wallet, their keys, and their mobile phone.  Look around your establishment and I’m sure you will constantly see people texting on their mobile phone. Text Messaging is the primary form of communication in the 21st Century. There are over 2.5 Billion (that’s Billion, with a “B”) text messages sent everyday!

Here’s an Important Question:

When a customer comes into your restaurant for the first time, what is your marketing plan to get that customer to come back in again?

Email Marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be because less than 20% of all emails that are sent are even opened by the recipient. Direct Mail is expensive and has a long lead time. Everyone knows how expensive radio and TV ads can be.

So What is Your Best Solution… Mobile Text Message Marketing

A Mobile Text Marketing Campaign is Effective and Affordable. When your restaurant launches a text message marketing campaign, you are telling your customers that your business is relevant and on the cutting edge, and that your customers are important to you. With Mobile Text Marketing your business can connect and engage with your customers in the primary way that they choose to communicate these days: With their Mobile Device.   Why spend big bucks competing with your competition in the off-line advertising world, when you can build a list of your best customers and market to them with no distractions from your competition right on their mobile phone?

Here are some eye popping Statistics about Text Message Marketing:

  • 67% of people polled said that they would like to receive text message promotions from their favorite establishments.
  • 22% of all text message coupon recipients will forward them to a friend
  • 95% of all text messages that are sent are read within the first 5 minutes they are received.
  • Mobile coupons have a redemption rate 20 Times higher than paper coupons
  • Mobile Advertising will increase 2700% within the next 3 years

So How Would A Text Message Marketing Campaign Work in Your Restaurant, Bar or Nightclub?

1) With TrueNorth3 Mobile assisting you in launching a Mobile Text Marketing Campaign for your business, we would first help you come up with a compelling offer from your business that your customers and prospects would be thrilled to receive. We would set up the offer with a “Keyword” that is unique to your business, so whenever a customer texts that “Keyword” to our “ShortCode” 72727, the promotion will be automatically sent to your customers mobile phone.

2) Promote the Compelling Offer in your place of business with promotional material, such as table tents, place cards, signage, verbal communication from your servers & staff, Facebook & Social Media posts, website banners. You can even include your Text Marketing Campaign in your traditional marketing materials, like print ads, fliers, mailers and radio & TV spots.

3) Customers and Prospects would see the Offer and Text the “Keyword” to our “ShortCode” and will receive your Compelling Offer instantaneously on their cell phones. Simultaneously, the customers’ Mobile phone number is automatically subscribed to your list in your TrueNorth3 Mobile Database, so that you can communicate with your customers through text message at anytime in the future. You can access your database from our web based software from any computer.   Your TrueNorth3 Mobile Consultant will assist you in setting up the system, sending weekly text blasts that will be sent to all the members of your Mobile VIP Club, coming up with campaigns, learning the easy web based software system, getting signage and promotional material, and more.   To redeem his or her mobile coupon, your customer can show the text at your establishment. It is important to put expiration dates on your offers to spark a sense of urgency in your customer.   We can have your New Campaign set up within a matter of hours. Contact Us Today!