Since the advent of the internet, the way businesses connect with clients has been turned on its head. The days of referring to the Yellow Pages for the nearest required service are slowly moving out and people are using new means of searching for the services they require. Any good business should be aware of this, including the medical profession. Mobile marketing for doctors and dentists is an excellent way in which these businesses can connect with their existing clients as well as reaching out to new ones.


An excellent way for a medical service to acquire new clients, is via the internet. They should have two versions of their site marketed locally. Firstly a standard web site and secondly, a site that has been formatted for mobile users – the likes of smartphones, ipads etc that people use on the go. Mobile browsing is fast surpassing that of traditional surfing thanks to the aforementioned devices, very soon more will surf on the go as opposed to at home.

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Secondly, once the clients have been acquired, there are various methods of connecting with them. Via social media such as Facebook & Twitter as an example, but one of the most direct ways is via their cell phone. Sending text messages direct to them to remind them of upcoming appointments or annual check ups will keep the medical business connected to their client, as well as the client up to date with their healthcare. Using this method for appointment confirmations is also a useful method.


Another excellent method to communicate with the client is by sending coupons out to promote new specials, discounts and various other offers to their patients.
Seasonal things like flu shots that are sent by email, text or via Facebook continually remind the client and of course this helps them remain healthy.



Technology today keeps all businesses closer to their customers and doctors and dentists can also follow this lead if the various forms and methods of communication are implemented well and often. Mobile marketing for doctors and dentists helps both the business and the client respectively.