“Hair Salon Sees a 70% Reduction in ‘No-Shows’ because of Mobile Text Message Reminders”

Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Spas and Tanning Salons are perfect businesses for a text message reminder system like the one that TrueNorth3 Mobile supplies for our clients. By using a text message reminder service, the system automatically reminds clients of upcoming appointments. This decreases the number of no-shows for your business, and reduces the workload on the stylist or front desk team member. Since customers are reminded of their appointment, and have the salon telephone number in the reminder text message, if they indeed have a conflict they are much more likely to call to reschedule.One of the top reasons for missed appointments is clients forgetting about their appointment! Turn those missed appointments into Sales with TrueNorth3 Mobile’s Text Message Appointment Reminder & Confirmation System!

Turn Missed Appointments into Sales!

People are on the go, and it’s no wonder they forget their appointment. Those little cards that have the date and time are at the bottom of their purse or on their dresser collecting dust.

Simply send your appointment reminder to where your customer will be sure to see it. Send it to their mobile phone which is always with them. Schedule custom messages and save time and money by eliminating phone tag. All it takes is a simple text message reminder and you’ve turned a missed appointment into a sale!

Many business owners believe that text message technology is difficult to use, or too expensive. For many others, the thought of using mobile text appointment reminders for their customers has never crossed their minds.

If your salon does not yet provide this service to it’s customers you may want to consider giving it a try. Today’s technology makes it easy, convenient and very affordable for local businesses.

Benefits of Using Mobile Text Marketing in Your Salon:

It will significantly reduce no-shows, and increase profits by utilizing our Text Message Appointment Reminder & Confirmation System Send “Text Blasts” to your entire list of customers to fill any opening you may have in your schedule Text compelling promotional Coupons and Offers from your business straight to your customers & prospects’ cell phones whenever you have them.

Your Salon will be cutting edge and provide that personal touch. Your customers will be thankful that your business cares about their needs, especially when they receive a personal SMS message.

Head Rush Salon

Head Rush Salon lowered the number of no show clients who had forgotten about their appointment. This costly problem left stylists with sometimes up to two and a half hours of down time, which was clearly bad for business and profits.

They calculated that the number of no shows was reduced by approximately 70% since they started using text messaging and they expect this number to improve further as more clients enjoy the benefits of mobile.

Head Rush Salon Case Study

Name, City and State of Business

Global Hair Ltd, DBA Head Rush Hair Salon, East Sussex, Britain

Campaign/program name



Nine months to present


To decrease the number of “no-show” clients that miss their scheduled salon appointments.

Target audience

4,700 clients in the East Sussex area


To research and select a texting service that was seamless to use and cost effective.

Call to action

Selecting SMS service as a way to communicate with clients and remind them of their upcoming salon appointments.


Setting the salon computer to send the messages randomly throughout the day, on the day before each appointment.


Headrush Hair Salon calculates that its number of no-shows has been reduced by approximately 70 percent.

What next

Headrush Hair Salon expects this number to improve further as we obtain more clients’ mobile numbers. The salon has also begun to use SMS service to send its clients special messages on their birthdays as well as unique salon promotions.

Executive’s name, title and company for response attribution

Phil Saunders and Emma Fulgoney, directors for Headrush Hair Salon, Global Hair Ltd.

What challenge did mobile address?

“[The text message reminder service] has improved our amount of ‘no shows’ clients who may have forgotten the date or time of their appointment, therefore leaving a stylist in the salon with sometimes up to 2.5 hours of spare time, which is clearly bad for business and profits,” Ms. Fulgoney said.

“We can calculate that our number of ‘no shows’ has been reduced by approximately 70 percent since we have been using [the text message reminder service] and we expect this to improve further as we obtain more clients’ mobile numbers.”