How Doctors & Dentists Are Using Text Message Appointment Reminder Systems

sms marketing for dentistsIf you have tried reaching someone by phone recently, you probably realize that despite the fact that almost everyone has a capable cell phone, very few use it for actually making and receiving phone calls. Let’s face it — people are busy, especially during normal working hours. Leaving voice messages still works to some extent, but text messaging has become the preferred method to reach someone who is not picking up their phone. This method of communication has proven successful to businesses around the world, and doctors and dentists are also reaping the benefits of connectivity

Developing and implementing a reliable text message appointment reminder system is critical to any dental or doctor’s office. Setting appointments, releasing reminders, and keeping track of it all just got a whole lot easier with text message reminders. Here are a few ways appointment reminders work with text messaging:

• Create a template — Consistency is always appreciated, and developing a series of text alerts on a computer is the easiest way to ensure that the same information — the correct information — is reaching your customer. Human error is taken out of the equation.

• Reach — It is a jungle out there, and people are on the go more than ever. Text messages are much more effective at reaching people when they are at work, in class, on a commute, or even when they are out of town on business. Text messages will reach your customers wherever they may be.

• Tracking — Keeping track of messages and alerts can be a daunting task. With our innovative text reminder system, that task just got a whole lot easier. Track which messages were released, when they were released, and even see which were opened! The best part is that you can do all of this from a PC.

• Immediacy — When people receive a text message, they often open and respond to it immediately. For doctors and dentists, this makes establishing a schedule much more efficient.

• Build a Record — There is nothing quite as frustrating is incomplete records. With text message reminders, losing data is not an option. Build a database of customer information, conversation data, and message history so that you will never lose track of past correspondence.

It has never been easier to reach customers by way of mobile devices. There is no reason to play phone tag anymore — reach your customers according to YOUR schedule, track the data, and update your appointment schedule all in one swift stroke. It’s that easy.

At TrueNorth3 Mobile, we have developed a state-of-the-art Text Message Appointment Reminder System that is used by many healthcare professionals and we can get your medical practice started today. Our system is quick to setup, easy to use, and the results will speak for themselves. Business is mobilizing, and doctors and dentists are finding ways to take advantage. Don’t risk falling behind — contact us so that we can get started on setting up your Text Message Appointment Reminder System today!

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