The Power of Using Mobile Coupons in Your Small Business

mobile dealsAs I waited for the checkout line to clear, I suddenly remembered something – I had left the 20% off coupon at home. The entire reason for venturing out on my Sunday off was sitting on a shelf near my front door. What should I do? Pay the full price, or go home, grab the coupon, and come back? The return trip would take me an extra hour, but I would save some money in the process. I ultimately decided that the time was worth more to me than the money; I bought the item—a pair of dress pants — and headed home in defeat.

If this same thing happened to you, what would you do? Nowadays, there is another option to help you avoid an inconvenience such as the one above. The answer is mobile coupons. Imagine if, instead of having to cut out a coupon from your local ad sheet, you could just pull up the coupon on your phone or tablet. When you arrive at the register, simply scan the icon shown on your mobile device and BAM, 20% off. This is the benefit of mobile coupons for customers, but what about for your business?

First things first, have your customers sign up to receive text messages from your business. Once they are in your database, it is easy for them to access you via the web on their phone or mobile device. It is also easy for your business to notify them of current and upcoming deals, time-sensitive offers, and available coupons. Customers would much rather have access to a coupon on a mobile device than be forced to carry around a cutout from a newspaper or print ad.

Spreading the word through mobile devices is the quickest and easiest way to get customers in your door. Web-based programs like Groupon, and Coupon Sherpa, applications that provide access to a plethora of mobile coupons, are great places where customers can access your coupons.

mobile couponsMajor businesses like Walmart, Target, and Sears have been offering mobile coupons for some time now, and the growing popularity of mobile sales is necessitating the utilization of mobile coupon strategy. Reports from suggest that the use of mobile devices is increasing at fourteen times the rate of personal computers. Much of this growth relates to digital marketing and sales. It is important for your business to grab this trend while it is on the rise; it will increase exposure, grab customers’ attention, and create buzz for your business. Using mobile coupons is cheap, efficient, and the potential for their continuing popularity is sky high.

Offering mobile coupons is a way to embrace the popularity of web-based sales while offering your customers a simple and effective way to save money. Mobile coupons will attract business and they cost you less money to produce. A mobile marketing consultant can help you personalize your mobile marketing strategy, tying it directly to your business model. We are here to help you take the next step in mobile marketing for your business.

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