How Mobile is Integrating with Consumers Everyday Lives

Years ago, holding a computer in the palm of your hand was an idea based on fiction. Few believed that such technology was possible, but if those same individuals were around today, they would see that fiction has become reality. Smart phones, tablet devices, and most average cell phones have the ability to keep us constantly connected. We have the entire information network of the World Wide Web, all of our social networking tools, and a mobile shopping mall all in the palm of our hands.

Samsung, one of the biggest names in mobile technology, recently announced a 76% increase in the sales of their mobile devices. Apple is not the only one on the mobile scene anymore, but what does that mean for businesses? The name on the device does not matter as much as the fact that smart phones and tablets are selling like never before. Why is that? Individuals want all the information they have on a personal computer with them everywhere they go. Online shopping, Social networking, and general information on products and services are now with us 24/7. Local businesses that lack an easily identifiable and accessible mobile platform are at a serious disadvantage.

mobile smsI recently attended a conference in Hartford, CT and one evening I developed a hankering for some good Italian eating. It was already evening, and I pulled out my smartphone to conduct a search of nearby Italian restaurants. The results popped up, and Carbone’s Ristorante was the number one listing. I checked out their website, and they were equipped with a mobile friendly site that featured their menu, as well as a click-to-call button so I could easily make a reservation. They also had more than 50 online reviews present from other customers, most of which were raving about the food and top of the line service. The most interesting things about this search, is that Carbone’s was among the first 3 organic results that came up on Google, and they had everything that I needed to make my decision quick and easy. I did not even consider the other options, they made the decision very easy for me. The fact is, most people do not get off the first page of internet search results, and this is even more prevalent among mobile users. Information needs to be simple, precise, and concentrated, so that those individuals on the go can find exactly what they are looking for. By the way, I wound up having a great meal at Carbone’s that night, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the Hartford CT area.

The above example highlights the importance of having a strong mobile presence. Ten years ago businesses needed to develop a website. Now, businesses need to develop their mobile platform. If you think about it, mobile connectivity allows local businesses to stay connected with customers wherever they are day and night. There is no downtime when it comes to mobile devices. If I am out at 2 am on a Wednesday, I still want my smartphone to give me fast results. Ensuring that your mobile website sits near the top of the rankings is absolutely critical in today’s competitive market. SEO has never been more important in the local scene, and once you get customers in the door — well the rest is up to you.

Mobile marketing can be intimidating. Where do you start? A mobile website, an SMS message campaign, and the integration of social networking tools are great starting points, but there is much more you can do to access your mobile customers. One thing is clear — mobile is not the future, it is the NOW. Contact Us at TrueNorth3 Mobile to get your business started with mobile marketing.

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