Mobile Website Design & Development for Shelton CT Businesses

Mobile-Marketing-Small-BusinessIf you are a Shelton CT business owner, you know that having a website is just about essential to keep up in today’s market. Without a website, your business is invisible to potential customers. Likewise, it is becoming more necessary for businesses to develop mobile applications to meet the growing demand for accessible information on mobile platforms including tablets and smartphones. The difference between mobile and non-mobile is night and day, but many business fail to realize that the development of mobile websites does not always coincide with normal website design. What are the differences? Here are a few:

• Display – What works on a big screen does not always apply on a handheld device, especially when it comes to website design.

• Speed – People who use mobile devices want information fast. Websites need to be basic, yet effective; simple, yet informative.

• Markup Language – Development tools like HTML and CSS don’t always work on mobile devices, which sometimes necessitate the use of other markup language.

• Scale – This can refer to both the visuals and content. An individual on a tablet or smartphone is going to be looking for something in particular rather than browsing (most likely), so making sure the most essential information is available is key.

As you can see, building a website for a PC user to access your Shelton CT business will not always solve your mobile marketing strategy. There are tools that can help you convert your website into a mobile friendly format, but that also will not deal with every difficulty you are faced with. The best way is to build a separate mobile website, and when users try to access you on the web from a tablet or smart phone, simply direct them to your mobile platform. Provide users with a link for both sites, accommodating both PC and mobile users.

mobile_marketing_for_shelton_ctAnother important consideration is the cost to the user. Many mobile internet providers use caps to limit the amount of materials mobile users have access to. This makes it vital for your mobile website to be as simple as possible. When it comes to mobile, it is all about streamlining the experience.

Building a mobile website for your Shelton CT business is not only important — it is critical. In 2013 mobile will surpass home computers for web access. Developing an effective mobile website will allow your business to stay connected with your current and future customers while they are on the go. When these users access your simple, streamlined mobile business platform they will get everything they would from your website only in a bite sized package.

Planning and implementing a mobile website may be something your Shelton CT business has not considered, or maybe you have been thinking about it for some time. Whatever the case, our marketing consultant is here for you. If you want to take that next step by developing a mobile website for your Shelton CT business, click here.


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