How Mobile is Changing How We Do Business Forever

In the world of business, change is a constant. Whether it is your target consumer base, your budget, your marketing strategy – the list goes on and on. In order to survive, businesses must adapt. Over the past decade, the most successful businesses have been those who have taken advantage of web connectivity, social networking, and the popularity surge of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Few can predict the shifting ground of the business world, but one thing is certain – the future is mobile.

As we look ahead, we can see the groundwork for change. In this case, that foundation is mobile marketing. How will businesses embrace mobile? What will be the most effective mobile strategies? Will the world of mobile technology overcome the giants of the industry? These questions, among others, must be considered.

In this article, Heather Leonard takes a look at the evidence and offers a glimpse of the future. Her conclusions may surprise you; mobile will overtake television in the world of advertising, HTML5 will be the new king of website building, and businesses will come to understand that established standards of mobile marketing are not set in stone. These potential shifts could shake up the domain of mobile business. How exactly? Read on to find out more.

“BII Mobile Insights: How Mobile Will Change Business

The Upside Of The Mobile Internet (KPMG)

Mobile comes a close second to cloud in its potential to shake up consumer and enterprise markets. Three key findings highlight the onward march of mobile anytime, everywhere:

1. Smartphones and tablets lead as top tech breakthroughs, followed by cloud and storage. What is truly transformational is the combination of the mobile internet connected to the cloud as an enabler of new business models.

2. When it comes to their home country, respondents feel that mobile device manufacturers (such as Apple) outrank other types of businesses for tech innovation leadership.

3. Roughly one-third say that internet companies are the emerging champions in the fast-developing mobile commerce ecosystem.

These trends are led by the advanced mobile communications markets of Japan and Korea, big and growing mobile bases in China and India, and the fast uptake of next-generation mobile standards around the globe. On terms of mobile payments, here are which industries will lead:


How Mobile Will Change Business (Inc.)

How do you unseat a Goliath like Facebook? The strategy in a nutshell: Think mobile. According to a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC, more than 66% of mobile developers believe that start-ups have a fighting chance against Facebook, if they go mobile first. It’s worth noting that there have been some attempts already to chip away at Facebook’s dominance via mobile apps: fast-growing social network Path is one. But these are still early days. The survey’s larger point is that every business, not just those in the social media space, will need to take a mobile-first approach in the coming years. But be warned: Mobile “will also leave a wake of casualties among companies that underestimate the speed of disruption.”

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