The Top 20 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2013

Marketing is changing, and it is critical for your business to understand this change in order to adapt to our dynamic world. Mobile devices, social networking, and web-based business have become huge factors in the business world over the past decade, and for businesses to succeed now and in the coming years it has become necessary to embrace these developments. Before you do this, however, you must understand not only the current market, but the market as it will be in the future.

The term “marketing” has almost always been used as a separate arm of business. Perhaps you have a separate team to manage your marketing division, or maybe you consult a marketing expert who directs your marketing campaign. This structure is fading, and over the next few years you will see every part of your business become its own engine for marketing. Likewise, marketing campaigns in general will be put aside in favor of what experts call “real-time” marketing. It is difficult to predict just how such changes will take place and how quickly, but our experts are here to help. With years of experience in business, media, and technology, our specialists have looked at current trends and, with the help of extensive data analysis, we have looked into the future.

The following article by Jessica Meher, Head of Enterprise Marketing at HubSpot and successful eBook author, offers a detailed analysis of current and potential marketing trends, designed to help grow your business.

“Mobile Marketing Trends for 2013


The notion of campaigns have been around since the golden age of advertising. Campaigns are a defined series of activities, tactics and channels that often revolve around a common theme. And yes, campaigns have been good to us. but here’s the problem; their structure is often times rigid and can’t keep up with changing customer behaviors and rapidly changing technology. Campaigns are generally short-lived and not triggered based upon real-time actions or data, which can put the marketer at a disadvantage.

“In 2013 we’ll see many more marketers take advantage of the power of real-time communications to grow business. in 2013, buyers instantly engage with brands on their websites, talk back via social media like twitter and facebook, and follow breaking news in the markets they are interested. the old model of marketing built on a company timeline doesn’t work so well but after decades of “campaigns” planned way in advance, it’s difficult for marketers to change to a mindset based on speed. Clearly the opportunities to grow your business in 2013 and beyond mean real-time is key. Success comes from engaging your buyers when they’re ready not when it’s convenient for you.”David Meerman Scott, Best-selling Author

As David states, in 2013, we’ll start to see best-in-class organizations utilize more real-time events and triggers that are based on inbound marketing activity and not push-marketing, or outbound campaigns.”

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