How to Use QR Codes to Market Your Local Business

how_to_use_qr_codes_to_market_your_local_businessQR codes have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last couple of years. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are those small, black and white boxes you may have noticed in magazines or advertisements – perhaps even on someone’s clothing! These simple ciphers can connect customers to your business in a matter of seconds. So, how do QR codes work, and what can your local business do to take advantage? Let’s take a look.


QR codes, like other types of codes, serve as gateways. Think of them doors into your local business; when someone scans one of these QR codes with their smart phone or Ipad, for example, the doors to your local business are thrown open. You can direct customers to your webpage, your Facebook page, your twitter feed, or a special offer listed on the web. Whatever the case, QR codes provide an avenue for instant access to your products and services.

The first thing you need to decide when considering the use of QR codes is where you want them to appear, and where you want them to take potential customers. If you advertise in newspapers or magazines, these would naturally be great places to include a QR code. If you have a strong presence in the community, it might be wise to place QR codes in bus stops or train stations. The key is exposure. Giving customers easy access to more information about your local business is where it all starts.

When you determine where your QR codes will be placed, you can then select the information you want to include alongside the code. You will want to give customers a hint as to where the code will take them, and what they can expect when they scan it with their mobile device. Will it take them to your website? An advertisement? A Facebook page? The customer will want to know this information before deciding whether or not to scan the QR code.

qrcodes-mobile-marketingQR codes can be developed through a variety of online QR generators such as Kaywa or These sites will allow you to connect the QR code to a specific URL, which is the page you want your customers to see. You will also have the opportunity to tag your QR codes, which will allow you to track the statistics associated with each specific code.

Creating and utilizing QR codes for your local business may seem like a daunting task. Speaking with an independent marketing consultant can get you started, and once you are on your way you will wonder why you have never used QR codes before. The future of marketing is mobile; smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are connecting people like never before. For your local business to take advantage, it must take advantage of these connections. QR codes are a great way to create avenues leading to your business. When you are ready to incorporate QR codes into your local business, go to to contact us. We can help you with all of your mobile marketing needs!

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