Custom Mobile Apps for Stamford CT Businesses

custom mobile apps for stamford ct businessesThe use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets has taken the world by storm. Now, businesses in both world and local marketplaces are seeking ways to take advantage. Several options are available including e-mail campaigns, text and SMS messaging strategies, and the developing of custom mobile applications. Let’s take a look at the latter. How can custom mobile apps be used for Stamford CT businesses, and what are the benefits?

If things proceed as expected, 2013 will see the use of mobile devices overtake personal computers. After all, web-connected devices like smart phones and tablets can do almost everything a computer can do. Mobile apps are a way of tapping into the potential for on-the-go business, and the development of mobile apps is becoming a priority for businesses worldwide. In 2012, the time spent using mobile apps rivaled time spent watching television!

Mobile apps connect the consumer with your business. Rather than search for a webpage or other information, they can simply download an application that will keep them constantly connected to what they want — deals, special offers, contests, etc. The key is making your app something they want to use, rather than just a platform for advertising. Mobile apps can let the user ask questions, try your service, shop online, post reviews of past purchases, and more.

The use of mobile devices has also played an important role in building a socially connected consumer base. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just some of the ways individuals are creating networks. Your business can hitch a ride on the proverbial social networking train through a custom mobile app. When people experience your Stamford business, they will want to share it. Having a mobile app available will continue to draw people to your products and services.

The development of custom mobile apps will also help your bottom line. The cost of mobile app development and maintenance can be much cheaper than other marketing campaigns. In a matter of weeks and for less than $10,000, your business could have a simple, easy-to-use app up and running. More complex apps obviously increase the cost, but the return on your investment is there if you know how to best utilize mobile applications.

That is where a mobile marketing consultant can help. In order to best fit what your business is trying to accomplish, a mobile marketing consultant will take a look at the market and come up with a way to maximize the benefit of the world’s mobile tendencies. Trying to step into the world of mobile marketing on your own can be a scary thing, but a mobile marketing expert will help your Stamford business get it right the first time.

Business is competition, and the race that is being run in 2013 is based on mobile marketing. Those businesses that are able to tap into the unbelievable potential of mobile devices and social media will undoubtedly see a huge return on their investment. The time for action is now, and if you are looking to build a custom mobile app for your Stamford business, contact us at today!

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