Why Your New Haven CT Business Should Be Using Mobile Coupons

mobile coupons for new haven local businessExtreme couponing has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. Consumers everywhere have been printing and clipping coupons to save hundreds of dollars on everything from groceries to electronics. More recent data show, however, that consumers are putting aside these print coupons and embracing mobile coupons. In fact, recent statistics show that 10% of mobile phone users and 20% of smartphone users redeemed mobile coupons in 2011. Those numbers are increasing daily and it is therefore crucial for your New Haven CT business to adapt to this trend.

Retail giants such as Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Macy’s, have begun offering incentives through mobile marketing for several years, and their success is evident. Furthermore, digital sales are estimated to increase by 20% this holiday season, making it even more necessary for businesses to start adopting the mobile marketing strategy. The mobile coupon initiative, in particular, can be used to alert customers of special offers, provide instant discounts for popular items, and inform customers of ongoing and upcoming sales.

So, how can you implement this strategy into your New Haven CT business? There are several ways of going about offering mobile coupons:

• Send coupon codes directly by SMS message, making them redeemable in-store only
• Email offers, including links to your website and Facebook page
• Text alerts for time-sensitive discounts redeemable in-store or online. Exclusive offers are always popular with consumers!

The first step in a mobile coupon system for your New Haven CT business is developing a database containing customer phone numbers and email addresses. It is obviously important that you do not bombard your customers with offers, as this can be more of a hindrance than a help. You can, however, allow them to sign-up for contests, daily and weekly deal alerts, and additional offers. The goal is to increase the exposure of your business and to get the word out that out of all the businesses in New Haven CT, yours is their best option.

Mobile advertising and, more specifically, mobile coupons, are the trend not only of the future, but of right NOW. Customers want to know where they can find the best deals and special offers for products and services they need. You can help them make these decisions through the use of mobile coupons for your New Haven CT business. Something as simple as a text message or email can increase foot traffic, word of mouth, and, most importantly, sales. This system will also save YOU money. As the need for print ads and paper coupons declines, so does your need to spend money on print advertising. Increasing sales and decreasing spending – that is the goal of every business!

Mobile marketing is simple, but utilizing the best strategy is the key to building your business. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools necessary to successfully tap into the potential of mobile coupons. If you are interested in finding out more about how using mobile coupons can help your New Haven CT business, contact TrueNorth3 Mobile today!

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