How Using Mobile Coupons Can Grow Your Revenues and Your Customer Base

mobile coupons for small businessThe days of cutting coupons out of print ads and printing coupons from websites are numbered. This does not mean, however, that coupons themselves are on their way out. In fact, coupons are becoming even more popular – but these are not the coupons we may be used. Mobile coupons, deals and offers sent via mobile devices like phones and tablets, are becoming an integral part of nearly all business models. What exactly are mobile coupons, and how can they successfully grow your revenues and build customer support? Let’s take a look.

The idea behind mobile coupons is simple: provide customers with a reason to come through your door. Perhaps it is an out-of-this-world offer, or maybe it is a simple 10% off discount. Whatever the case, alerting customers that you have the best deal – and sending these alerts to their mobile devices – is the key to mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons are a way of telling customers that you have something they want, and that your business is where they should go to get it. The benefits of mobile coupons are great: They cost less to produce, reach a wider audience, and have the potential to spread far and wide due to social networking potential.

The most fundamental idea behind mobile coupons is the opt-in necessity. This means that customers must allow your business to send them text-alerts, mobile coupons, and time-sensitive deals, all before you are able to do so. This may seem like a negative, but in reality, you now know that the customers you are sending messages to already have an interest in your products and services. This means less wasted potential, and a greater chance for success.

In addition, having a database of customers who have opted to receive messages from your business makes it possible to personalize deals and offers for them. For example, if an individual often dines in your restaurant on weekday mornings, send them a coupon for a breakfast entrée. If a customer is a frequenter of weekend sales, alert them of the sale that will be starting on Friday. These very basic methods can go a long way towards building a solid customer base.

Mobile coupons will bring customers into your business, and once they are there it is an opportunity to provide them with the excellent customer service and care. By showing your customers that you can provide for their needs consistently is the best way to ensure loyalty to your brand. Once you have established your customer base, you will reap the rewards of your mobile marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing and, in particular, mobile coupons, are affordable and customizable. This will lead to a greater investment and, in turn, a greater potential for revenue. You are sending customers deals and offers that they will receive almost immediately. No longer must they flip through pages of print ads to find your business; you have just sent it right to their phone or tablet. The distance between them and your business has just been minimized.

Mobile coupons are not only the future, they are the present. Right now customers are receiving messages on their mobile devices, alerting them of special offers and discounts. Your business needs to be there as well, telling customers that you care about their business. It is up to you to take that next step.

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