The 5 Best Ways to Use SMS Text Marketing in Your Business

text message marketing for businessLiving in a world of instant information has it perks. Whether it be accessing the web while on the go, or handling a conference call from home, the advantages for businesses are clear. Now, through tablets and mobile devices, that information has become easier to access. With this surplus of information at our fingertips, however, comes the problem of information overload. How much is too much? When does the amount of information become a burden? These are the types of questions your business must consider when thinking about a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing has seen a rise over the past decade, in terms of both exposure and use. Mobile coupons, email offers, and online sales have all become an integral part of all markets, but care and consideration must be taken to decide which mobile marketing methods are right for your business. SMS and Text message marketing, one of the fastest growing mobile marketing methods, is one that your business should certainly consider. The many benefits of SMS and text message campaigns have made it a popular choice among marketing strategists, but which ways are best for you? Here are 5 ways an SMS and text message marketing campaign might best serve you.

1. Personalized SMS/Text Alerts – Customers know that you value their business when you go out of your way to provide offers and deals that suit their individual needs. Rather than receive a generic offer, you can use their history with your business to personalize SMS/Text message, which will garner a better response and increase the positive buzz surrounding your business.

2. Timely Deals and Offers – Your business can utilize the mobile nature of SMS/text messaging by sending alerts detailing limited-time offers. Perhaps a sale extends only through the end of the day or week, creating incentive for customers to stop in. Messages can also be sent to coincide with periods such as lunch breaks or just before the end of the workday. That way, when customers check their phones, your message will be the first thing they see.

3. Contests and SurveysContests provide a way for customers to engage in your business, without actually having to purchase anything on the spot. Maybe all that is required is to respond within x amount of minutes to be included in the contest, or to visit your Facebook page. In this way, customers will always have your business in mind. Surveys are also a great way to engage customers by letting them know you care about their satisfaction. Using surveys can reinforce positive experiences with your business.

4. Mobile Coupons – Mobile Coupons are extremely popular these days, and now they can be scanned directly from phones and tablets. A B1G1 Free offer may be all it takes to get customers in the door, and the only thing it will require on your end is a simple SMS or text message of the details.

5. Social Marketing – There is no doubt that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have become huge centers of the online social scene. These sites provide ways of connecting people, and they can likewise be used to connect individuals to your business. Sending a Twitter message to their phone or connecting an SMS to your Facebook page can connect your business with their entire social network. These social avenues can be a great place to spread the word that your business should be their number one choice.

A SMS/Text message marketing strategy can provide a major boost to your business, but it is not as easy as it might sound. First of all, customers must opt in to receive messages from your business. A database of customer information is required, and care must be taken not to overload them with notifications. A marketing consultant can help you determine the best way to use a SMS/Text message strategy for your business.

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