The Major Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Local Business

mobile marketing major benefitsThe use of mobile devices in the US and around the world has ballooned over the past few years. According to recent statistics, roughly half of all adults in the US own either a smartphone or a tablet device. Furthermore, the entire population of tablet and smartphone owners are using these devices to access the web. Smartphones and tablets make it possible to look up news articles, product reviews, and driving directions all while on the go. According to research conducted by mobile experts Gartner, Inc., people will use mobile devices to access the web more than they will use PCs by 2014. What does that mean for local businesses like yours? Let’s take a look.

The use of mobile marketing techniques has been around since the early turn of the century. Text messages, emails, and internet ads have been in wide use by businesses as internet usage has increased. In order to keep up with today’s fast-market society, here are a few ways mobile marketing can benefit you:

Marketing on the go – Potential customers no longer need to access a computer to discover your business, all they need is a mobile device. A timely text message can go a long way to bringing customers to your doorstep.

Sharing potentialText messages can be easily forwarded to friends and family, providing your business with instant growth in potential customers

Immediate Effectiveness – When you send a message to your customers, they will receive it almost instantly. If their device is off, your message will be the first thing they see when they power it on.

Effectiveness – According to, over 90% of text messages are opened, many of which are accessed within minutes of being received. SMS messages also have eight times the response rate of emails (

Tracking Potential – Customer response to your messages can be traced almost immediately.

Low Cost – Mobile marketing eliminates the need for extra marketing materials, and every customer response will offer a return on your investment.

100% Opt-in – The individuals you contact will most likely be returning customers. They will have agreed to allow your business to send them offers, increasing the potential for a response.

Personalization – The messages you send can be customized for your intended audience. This ensures that customers will only receive offers that appeal to their tastes.

The ways in which mobile marketing can best suit your business depend on your goals. Mobile marketing is not designed to solve all of your marketing problems, but if implemented correctly it is a strategy that can generate buzz for your business. A mobile marketing consultant can choose the best marketing strategy for your unique business, providing potential customers with the information they need to choose you over your competitors. Here are some specific strategies that mobile marketing consultants may choose for your business:

• Website Optimization
• Email and Text Messaging Campaigns
• Mobile Coupon Distribution
• Web-based Sales
Managing your reputation
• QR codes

How these methods are implemented into your marketing campaign may vary, but in a world that is growing more mobile every day, it is necessary to adapt to trends in technology. Mobile Marketing is a way to use various new avenues to spread the word that your business is the one to choose. Let us know how we can use mobile marketing to help your business move forward.

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