13 Local Business Marketing Trends for 2013

13 local business marketing trends 2013There is no doubt marketing has transformed over the past few years. As mobile devices like smart phones and tablets have grown in popularity, marketing has continued to adapt. Now, customers can look up businesses like restaurants and retailers right from their phones. They can even scan a coupon or QR code directly from their mobile device! Customers are on the go now more than ever, and it is important for businesses to be able to reach them wherever they are.

With marketing in flux, what are the best strategies to utilize? What is the future of mobile marketing? One trend that seems to be on the rise is the use of online payment platforms for purchases. Customers may no longer need to carry around cash or credit cards. If they have their phone, they can pay from their online wallet – talk about convenient! Another trend to keep an eye on is mobile advertising. Posting information not only on company websites, but sending it to phones and tablet devices, is becoming the popular choice for businesses. It is cheaper than print ads, and it has the potential to reach a wider audience.

Marketing trends like these are certainly worth a closer look, but there are also others that should see a surge in popularity in 2013. In this article Tasha Cunningham will take you on a tour of the marketing industry. What will 2013 look like? Let’s find out.

13 small business marketing trends to watch in 2013

With just 44 days left until the end of 2012, now is the time to take a look at what your small business should focus on in 2013 to market more effectively online. BizBytes has prepared a list of 13 trends to watch now.

1. Consumers will become marketers.

With online product reviews, social media and viral video, consumers are more empowered than ever to share their opinions — good or bad — about the products and services they use. 2013 is being hailed in the world of branding and advertising as the year of the consumer. Big brands and small businesses alike will have to stay on their toes to make sure that the products and services they’re offering are quality. If not, online consumer backlash will have a detrimental effect on your bottom line.

2. Manage your reputation online.

What consumers say about your business will become increasingly important in 2013. You should be spending a significant amount of time controlling your online reputation. You can either pay a company to do it for you or do it yourself. Either way, protecting your rep is going to be essential in 2013.

3. Discounts will drive social sharing.

Take some time before the end of the year to plan the discounts and sale promotions you’re going to offer to consumers in the first quarter of 2013. Why? In 2013 discounts are going to drive social sharing across the board. If you want consumers to share information about your small business, put the power in their hands with incentives.

4. Mobile wallets will drive online purchases.

In 2013, more consumers than ever will use their smartphones to pay for purchases. According to Sony Ericsson, smartphones account for more than 50 percent of new mobile devices purchased worldwide. That growth is expected to skyrocket in 2013. Mobile wallet platforms like Passbook, Square and Google Wallet are predicted to become the top mobile payment platforms. What does this mean for your small business? Think about offering a mobile payment solution to your customers. For example, if you decide to use Square to handle your company’s mobile payments, promote it on your website. Design special online offers and highlight the convenience your company offers by giving customers the option to pay for purchases online.”

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