How to Utilize Mobile Marketing in Your Dental Practice

dental mobile marketingWith the increase in use of mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, it is becoming more and more important for business to develop mobile marketing strategies. From mobile coupons to email alerts, mobile marketing is a way for your business to instantly connect with customers. Recent data suggests that by 2014, people will use web-connected devices like smart phones and tablets more than they will use personal computers. Furthermore, recent statistics show that about half of all adults in the US own a mobile device that has access to the web. The numbers don’t lie, and they demand businesses to adopt a way to optimize their business to suit the mobile community.

What does this mean for your Dental Practice? Well, like any other business model, attracting customers is the goal. Making sure that your practice is up-to-date with current mobile marketing strategies is critical in building and maintaining a strong customer base. It is simple, really; when your practice gains exposure, more customers will consider your services.

One major advantage of using a mobile marketing strategy for your dental practice is that it provides customers with instant access to information related to your services. Perhaps they are looking for the office nearest them, or maybe they have been referred by a friend. Either way, they will most likely search for your office on the web, and they will probably do it with a mobile device. If they cannot find you, they will look elsewhere. That is why it is essential to provide information to mobile users.

Mobile marketing is also an excellent way of providing incentives for potential customers to choose your practice over another. Something as simple as a new patient discount might be all it takes to get them through the door. Customers are looking for affordability, and providing special offers is one way to give them what they want.

Let’s look at Marcia as an example. Marcia has been experiencing intense pain in her jaw for over 24 hours, but she is worried about the potential cost. Maybe she can wait it out, but what if it is more serious? A few hours later, while Marcia is waiting in line at a local shopping center, the pain becomes almost too much to bear. She grabs her phone and does a quick search for nearby dental options. Your practice is one of the first on the list, and not only is it located nearby, but you offer a free consultation! She immediately calls and sets up an appointment. Your simple mobile strategy was successful. This is the benefit of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is a simple and effective strategy for any type of business, but it is important to consult an expert before getting started. There are many ways to effectively incorporate a mobile marketing strategy into a local business. A mobile marketing consultant can customize a mobile strategy to fit your local dental practice. If you are interested in utilizing a mobile marketing strategy for your dental practice,  click here to go to!

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