Why Mobile Marketing is So Important for Your Business

Why Mobile Marketing is So Important for Your BusinessMobile marketing is important for your business. You have likely heard that over and over again, but maybe you still need convincing. If so, don’t feel badly you’re not the only one who is a tough sell. Many are still struggling to define what “mobile” really means within the phrase “mobile marketing.” Without a solid definition, it is understandable that many business owners still are not well positioned to capitalize on the rapidly expanding mobile market.

Penny C. Sansevieri is a writer for The Huffington Post who recently tackled the harder to define questions about the term “mobile” once and for all by interviewing DDx Media’s Tania Mulry. The resulting interview is summarized in Sansevieri’s article “Mobile Marketing Magic,” which is an eye opening look at mobile marketing that is uniquely aimed at business owners who are still struggling to see why mobile marketing is so important for the business owner of today.

The article shares key facts and statistics on mobile marketing, QR codes, mobile websites, mobile apps and many different things you can do with mobile marketing. It also contains what is referred to as the #1 thing that you can do if you want to make money using mobile marketing, and speculates a bit about how the mobile market may expand in the future.

Mobile Marketing Magic: Making The Most of the Hot New Trend

The term “mobile” tends to confuse a lot of business owners. Questions pop up like “Do I really need it?”, “Is my site mobile ready?” and, “What do consumers expect from mobile?” Deciding to go mobile is, for many, no longer an option. With staggering numbers of people accessing content on their mobile phones, mobile is a must. I asked Tania Mulry of DDx Media to spend some time breaking mobile down for us.

Q: Why is mobile marketing so important today?

Admit it. Your mobile phone is a remote control for your life. No other form of media can compare to its power in your life. It is your most personal device, and you almost never share it, unlike TVs, radios, newspapers, magazines and computers. Your mobile phone is always on, always with you and most likely, you even sleep next to it!

According to Wireless Intelligence, there are over 6.4 billion mobile connected devices in the world as of this writing. Considering the world population just crossed 7 billion, that’s pretty amazing! A survey conducted by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) determined that 92 percent of Americans simply do not leave the house without their cell phones.

Make no mistake about it. Mobile is not a marketing trend. It is an imperative. Analysts predict that mobile advertising spend will meet and then exceed online advertising spend next year. It is here to stay and it is working for many companies. Here’s why:

Mobile has enormous potential to connect advertising in the physical world directly to response and commerce opportunities on the phone. Mobile is a bridge that makes advertising more accessible and actionable to each consumer and therefore, it has the potential to increase the ROI of every marketing channel to which it is cleverly connected.

Luth Research and the Mobile Marketing Association, surveyed marketing thought leaders on the trends, issues and future direction of mobile marketing and offered these compelling statistics:

• 82 percent of marketers are using some form of Mobile Marketing;
• 71 percent of marketers increased their Mobile Marketing budgets for 2012
• The 79 percent of respondents using Mobile Marketing in their loyalty programs are deriving great value
• 51 percent of respondents state that they receive higher ROI from mobile than traditional marketing programs”

You can continue reading Penny C. Sansevieri’s article at Huffington Post

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