Mobile Marketing Case Study: Dominos Pizza Mobile Coupon Campaign

mobile marketing dominos pizzaMobile coupons are really popular today because so many people have smartphones. Smartphones have made it easier for consumers to shop online. Recent projections issued by Juniper Research indicate that the current redemption rates for mobile coupons will not plateau anytime soon and will reach as high as 8% by the year 2016. That means that it is essential for businesses to begin using mobile coupons today so that they can benefit from the great reception and awesome redemption rates and not get left behind. This article is the first in a series we will be writing about various mobile marketing campaigns that businesses have used with varying degrees of success. These are real life case studies that examine the components of each individual campaign, and the results.

When it comes to mobile coupons, know that a lot of businesses haven’t jumped on board this trend yet, so if you haven’t thought about it yet for your business you are not alone. Entering the mobile coupon marketplace now is a wise strategic move that can place your business above those of your competitors. Restaurant businesses in particular stand to benefit a lot from mobile coupons, and certain major franchise chain restaurants are already using mobile coupons with amazing results. 

The Domino’s Pizza Mobile Coupon Campaign is an amazing mobile marketing case study. Dominos has truly stepped it up with this one. The campaign has been rolled out to a large number of Dominos Franchises nationwide, and is the child of a partnership with Air2Web who provides Dominos with the necessary mobile service for the platform that Dominos uses.

Dominos customers use mobile coupons to interact with the business. Having checked out the mobile website and coupons myself, I have to say they are very enticing! I do not yet know whether their data is so comprehensive that they will begin responding to the specific needs and desires of consumers in different geographic areas by releasing different mobile coupons in different regions, but I suspect that is in the works long-term.

The existence of Dominos mobile coupons is helping Dominos to rebuild its reputation and to create an image for their brand that customers will not soon forget. Customers who provide their mobile phone information receive text message coupons that they can then use on the mobile site so that they can order food without having to place a telephone call or go onto the internet on a computer.
Rob Weisberg is one of the brains behind this venture. He is the Vice President of Multimedia Marketing for Domino’s and he has expressed how happy he is that Domino’s mobile coupon campaign is having great results and bringing in substantial profits.

It is likely that Domino’s will continue to streamline their mobile website, app and mobile coupons due to the great response they are getting. If you are looking for ideas as to how you can make mobile coupons work for your business, try out Domino’s mobile marketing elements to see how one company has gained great success by using mobile marketing.

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