Why Local Businesses in Hartford CT Need Mobile Websites

Why Local Businesses in Hartford CT Need Mobile WebsitesWith the release of smartphones, Hartford CT consumers have turned to their phones for browsing the Internet. A smartphone can come in the form of an iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile. All of them have the built in capability of connecting to the Internet and their users do so on a regular basis. These users are potential customers for your business and will be looking for your business using their mobile device.

As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, mobile traffic will continue to increase. Local Hartford CT businesses have already begun to launch their mobile websites to capture this growing marketing venue. If you do NOT already have a mobile website, go to a Mobile Simulator  to see how difficult is is for a mobile user to navigate on a traditional website that is not optimized for mobile devices.

A mobile website communicates differently from the traditional website, and readers on the site use it differently. On a traditional website, viewers tend to spend more time on browsing and reading. On the mobile website however, the mobile surfer is there specifically to find information, to download a service, to make a purchase or to participate in some manner. These visits are brief and require that the mobile website is designed for quick access.

Unlike regular websites that may be cluttered with graphics, a mobile website is specifically designed to load quickly and provide mobile users functions they can immediately utilize. The mobile website is easy to navigate and offers consumers information of interest that engage the user on their mobile device. In addition, Google ranks websites that are optimized for mobile devices higher than those sites that are not mobile optimized, allowing customers searching to find your business faster.

Good mobile websites differ not only in the graphics that look and load better, they also have specific features considered for accessibility. One example is that mobile sites use no side-scrolling which is often included on traditional Internet sites. Readers on a mobile device read quickly and require the information to be laid out from top-down. The text is also briefer and components such as Flash are not used because not all phones can view Flash.

If you don’t yet have a mobile website, consider these top benefits a mobile website offers for your business:

* A better impression on the mobile user
* Competitive edge on businesses with non-mobile optimized sites
* Expanded reach in the mobile web
*Improved search rankings
*Increased user engagement

While you consider these benefits, also take into account the downside of not creating a mobile optimized website for your local Hartford business. Your communication with mobile users will be presented in a format where the information is not easily navigated and understood. It will also be slow and costly because potential customers will be clicking away from your site..

The world is moving quickly toward a new way of conducting business on the Internet with smartphones. In any public forum it is not uncommon to see people on their smartphones conducting business on the Internet. Local businesses in Hartford CT have already begun moving forward in this direction with mobile optimized websites. If your business doesn’t have a mobile website and is interested in developing one, go to TrueNorth3Mobile.com today. We can help.

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