Why Lawyers & Law Practices Should Have a Mobile Website

mobile marketing for attorneysYou may know that mobile marketing is gaining popularity these days, but did you know that mobile websites for lawyers are a great way to reach out to potential clients and attract more business to your legal practice? You read that right, mobile websites for lawyers are hot right now. Clients are responding to them and many lawyers are seeing an increase in business as a result of having one. The following information can help you to understand how law firms can benefit from having a mobile optimized website and can give you some guidance as to where to turn when you are ready to begin designing the best mobile website for your legal practice.

Mobile Websites for Lawyers Increase Your Visibility

A legal practice is nothing without clients. Clients are the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes – they are the ones who keep the lights on and enable you to make money. Clients come to you in many ways – through referrals, through the phone book, through television advertisements and newscasts and through word of mouth. If your law practice has a mobile website, potential clients will be able to locate your practice via an Android smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone or iPad.

What is a Mobile Website?

Does your law firm have a website? If not, you really need to get with the program. Even if your law firm has a website it may not be optimized for mobile viewing. The best way to check to see if your website is optimized for mobile access is to try to access it via a smartphone. Does it load? How big is the text? Is it easy to navigate? Are elements missing? Chances are if you do not have a mobile optimized website it will be quite annoying to try to navigate your website and you may stop trying quite quickly. That is the same experience a potential client will have. Even if they locate your phone via a Google search while using their smartphone, if they are unable to use your website to locate the information they need that makes they decide to give you a call, you have missed an opportunity.

Mobile websites are versions of standard websites that are greatly scaled down so that they can be viewed easily even when using a smaller sized screen. Mobile websites are lightweight, easy to navigate, quick to load and are essentially streamlined in order to deliver the information your potential clients need and to entice them to call you and ultimately retain your services.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Website?

A mobile website will capture locals who are searching for lawyers in your practice area. The vast majority of legal searches are local in nature and this means that your site truly needs to be optimized. Personal Injury and Criminal Defense practices in particular stand to gain a lot from a mobile website, as clients search for lawyers due to emergent or unexpected situations and need a lawyer fast. With the right mobile website, you can be the one they turn to in their time of need. To learn more about how a mobile website can work for your legal practice, get in touch with the team at TrueNorth3 Mobile today.

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