How to Incorporate SMS with Your Customer Email List

email vs sms marketing for businessNow that the Internet, mobile access and email are quite standard, marketing has become a vastly digital field. Digital marketers are able to use various channels in order to make contact with consumers. In the recent past, marketers were able to use just a few channels effectively and get by, without needing to take the connections between various channels into consideration. However, this is no longer the case.

The consumer of today is more tech and Internet savvy than the consumer of the past and they will expect and in some cases require that you are making intelligent use of the various channels that are available to you. They will also expect you to maintain some degree of continuity in the way that your brand is represented within different channels, both on an abstract level and more specifically in the ways that you promote your business or brand. One way to begin marketing using a cross-channel strategy is to incorporate SMS with your Email Customer List.

SMS Can Help You To Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

It is likely that you do business in more than one place. Your website is not just the only place where you contact your target audience, or at least it shouldn’t be. With email campaigns you are reaching out to clients and prospective customers via the Internet. With SMS campaigns you are reaching out to these same individuals via their smartphone or mobile device. You can also use mobile apps to capture email addresses. QR codes work as well. However, SMS-to-email campaigns are hands down the best choice for many business owners as sending an SMS is much less time consuming than downloading an app or scanning a QR code.

You can use a SMS-to-email strategy in order to gain email addresses for everyone who subscribes to your SMS marketing programs. All you need to do is have the consumer text the short code you have set up for the campaign, and to contain a designated keyword along with their email address in the text message. (For example, they may need to text SUBCRIBE to the short code 555555). If you use this strategy, you can create a large list of email addresses and SMS numbers in a short period of time for a low cost. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

Be Sure To Create Compelling Content for Your Email Marketing Efforts

Obtaining the email addresses and the opt-ins is an important step, but it is only part of the battle. If you wish to find real success through your email marketing efforts, you need to create compelling content that offers something of value to your clients and prospective customers. For example, if you own and operate a restaurant business, you can use your email marketing list to send out information about upcoming special events, deals or discounts or to advertise new promotions you will be offering such as ladies night or discounts for troops returning from war. Just make sure that the offer you send is one that your customers will like and you are on your way to success.

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