Restaurant Marketing: iPad App Notifies Waiting Customers When Table is Ready

ipad app for restaurantsThere are tons of different iPhone Apps out there for restaurants. Even Dominos has their own app designed to help people order the perfect pizza from their smartphone or mobile device. But one app is taking things a step farther and is allowing restaurants to sign up to make wait times less frustrating for diners. Many restaurants have wait lists that are frustrating for both the guests and the restaurant staff as well. Disorganized wait lists lead to certain diners being quite literally left out in the cold for longer than they should be while other diners are fast tracked to a table inadvertently. Enter NoWait, an app designed to allow restaurants to send a text message to their guests to let them know that their table is ready. So say bye-bye to the annoying pagers and buzzers and say hello to happy diners.

With NoWait, restaurant patrons no longer need to sit right inside the doorway waiting to hear their name above the loud noises of a busy restaurant. Guests can wait outside, wait in their car, go for a walk nearby or do something else to occupy them until their table is ready. In today’s world where consumers are used to streamlined procedures and expedited everything, NoWait is an innovative app that takes advantage of current technology in order to offer a beneficial service that many restaurant owners and diners will definitely be happy to have. NoWait offers diners with pretty precise wait times that are updated so that diners can have more freedom to spend their wait time where they wish to.

This means that if the wait time is over an hour, a diner can go somewhere else for a bit and know for sure that they will be back in time to claim their table. In some cases, restaurant patrons will now be able to go home and watch a TV show or read a book for a bit before returning for their meal. In other cases, people who are taking a lunch during their work day who can’t afford to lose any time from work can return to the office until their table is ready so that the wait time does not cause their productivity at work to suffer.

The ‘What’s My Place?’ feature within NoWait sends diners a text message that tells them what number in line they are for a table and also provides an approximate wait time. This app is a great solution for restaurants that do not take reservations but are extremely popular and thus have wait times during the busier nights of the week and year. This app is able to sync with iPods, iPhones and iPads. NoWait has three different plans for restaurants to choose from. The plans are based on the specific number of parties that dine at a restaurant each month. For 200 parties or less, the plan is free. For 1,200 parties the plan costs $114 monthly. For 2,500 parties the plan costs $199 monthly.

These prices are well worth the cost for many restaurants as the investment can be recouped simply by filling tables more efficiently – a goal that NoWait is uniquely poised to assist businesses in reaching, especially considering the fact that NoWait plans provide restaurant owners with analytics regarding their guests and also enable restaurants to create their own text message marketing and email marketing campaigns and lists.

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