Mobile Text Message Marketing: Opt-in, Not SPAM!

text message marketing is not spamIf you are a business owner who has considered delving into mobile marketing for businesses, you may have wondered whether mobile text message marketing may work for you. Many business owners fear mobile text message marketing because they fear that it is nothing more than spam. However, that is simply not the case! In order to take advantage of the benefits you offer to customers within your text message marketing efforts, they actually opt-in to receive your messages. The following information can help you to see why mobile text message marketing is such a great way to connect with and engage your customers.

What Does Opt-in Marketing Mean?

Opt-in marketing, also referred to as ‘permission marketing,’ is a traditional marketing technique that requires marketing professionals to obtain the explicit permission of any consumers who they wish to send marketing collateral to. ‘Interruption marketing’ is the flip side of the coin, and describes a situation where marketing professionals send marketing collateral to consumers without first obtaining their consent. ‘Interruption marketing’ can be labeled as spam if it is done improperly.

How Are Mobile Opt-Ins Different?

Mobile opt-ins are different than traditional ‘permission marketing’ strategies. Businesses offer consumers the chance to receive promotional offers, discounts, deals, and information about products and services via text messages that are sent directly to their smartphones or personal mobile devices. In order to receive these messages, customers opt-in, effectively granting you the permission to send marketing messages to customers. When the individual opts in, you need to obtain their mobile phone number in order to be able to send text message marketing communications.

Why Are Opt-Ins a Good Strategy?

Opt-ins are a good strategy for businesses because they allow you to communicate with a laser targeted group of consumers, a group of consumers who actually want to hear from your business. So long as you offer those individuals who opt-in to your text message marketing campaign some true incentives and rewards for their participation, they are sure to take advantage of your offers and to continue to remain on your list of clients who have opted-in. Your text message marketing list is essentially a database marketing tool, so you can target your text messages to your clients and potential clients based on their purchase history, age, gender or any other criteria you establish.

Should You Worry About Compliance For Opt-In Mobile Text Message Marketing Campaigns?

In short, no, you should not worry too much about compliance. You should worry more about ensuring that your customers opt-in, and that you take them off of the list if they text ‘stop’ and indicate that they do not wish to receive your messages anymore. Mobile carriers and the Mobile Marketing Association work hand in hand to determine the ways that opt-ins should be handled. Generally, all it takes is a customer texting a keyword to a specific short code to opt-in, or a customer entering their mobile phone number into a web-based form. After that, the business needs to send a confirmation message back to the customer letting them know they have opted-in, and letting them know how to opt-out if they wish to do so.
As you can see, mobile text message marketing communications are definitely not spam. If you wish to learn more about how your business can benefit from mobile text message marketing, please get in touch with the professional and experienced team at TrueNorth3 Mobile today to start on your pathway to success.

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