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mobile marketingAs a business owner, you need to be constantly looking out for new ways to communicate with your client base so that you can maintain a reputation of excellent customer service while greatly increasing your sales. In the past, traditional forms of marketing such as print advertising, postal mail campaigns, and cold calling potential clients were both time consuming and expensive. These forms of marketing actually continue to carry a high price tag. On the other hand, text message marketing is a new and inexpensive marketing method that you can use to reach your customers. Here is some information about text message marketing that can help you to see why it is such an excellent investment for your business.

What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is also known as SMS (short message service) marketing. Businesses allow their clients and potential customers to opt-in to receive text message communications that can include deals, discounts, information about products and services, or any other messages you wish to send to your client list. Text message marketing is unique because the messages are delivered instantly to your list of clients. This means that you can inform your clients of time-sensitive deals and that the message will reach them in time for them to take action and respond to the offering. Furthermore, these messages are not as intrusive as a phone call can be. The receiver can open and read the text message when they choose to, and because of that fact, more often than not the messages are opened very quickly.

Why Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Text message marketing works because of several factors. Firstly, text messages are versatile in nature. No matter where the intended recipient is, so long as their cell phone is with them, your message can reach them. Let’s face it – those who use cell phones rely on them heavily and are rarely without them. That means your message will always be there to be read as soon as the phone is checked. Secondly, text messages are very intimate. Most cell phone users feel a deep sense of attachment to their phones, and by sending a message to their phone the message is right there whenever they need it. Thirdly, text messages are generally opened quite soon after they are sent, which is better for you as a businessperson, especially if the offer you are communicating is time sensitive and requires that the consumer ‘act now’ to take advantage of the deal.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is a valuable tool that can help the owners of many different types of businesses to successfully market their products and services. Here are just a few niche markets that text message marketing works well for: Real estate agencies, medical practices, retail stores, local restaurants, educational institutions, advertising agencies, marketing firms, beauty salons and auto repair shops. This list is hardly exhaustive. In fact, text message marketing works for most types of businesses. If you are unsure whether text message marketing can work for your business, give the professionals at TrueNorth3 Mobile a call today to learn more.

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