mobile websites tap to callWhy Tap-to-Call Functionality is Essential for Mobile Websites

Tap-to-Call is a phrase that you may have been hearing a lot lately. If you are curious about tap-to-call functionality for mobile websites, the following information will help to explain what it is, how it works and why it is essential for your mobile website.

What is Tap-to-Call, anyway?

Tap-to-Call is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a way to assist your customers in connecting to your company via their mobile phone with one simple tap of their finger. This technology allows your target consumer to become a lead very quickly. It enables you to take advantage of the tendency consumers have to buy on impulse. In the moment when your customer first decides that they wish to contact your business, they can do so easily without having to jump through unnecessary hoops. It ensures that your customer will not lose interest, become distracted, or decide against contacting your business immediately.

How Does Tap-to-Call Work?

Tap-to-Call works quite easily. Here is a description that can help you to see how greatly tap-to-call functionality can increase your amount of visitors who convert to potential clients by placing a call to your business. To use the tap-to-call feature on your mobile website, all your client must do is visit your mobile website and click on the contact number or the designated button and their dial pad will pop up on their smartphone with your contact number displayed at the top. The only further step they need to take to call your business is simply to press the ‘call’ button. As you can see, this is a fast and streamlined process. One click and your potential client will be whisked off of your mobile website and is gazing at their dial pad with your number on top. One more click and your potential client will be sending a call your way. See how easy that is?

Why is Tap-to-Call Functionality Essential for Mobile Websites?

If your business has a mobile website, you are definitely taking the proper steps to take advantage of the current mobile device and smartphone craze. As you likely know consumers who browse the web on their smartphones or mobile devices vastly prefer mobile optimized websites because they load fast, are easy to navigate, and display well on smartphones and mobile devices. Furthermore, mobile websites are designed in such a way that it is easy for your potential clients to locate your business’s contact information if they wish to get in touch with you. Tap-to-Call functionality takes this ease and convenience a step further for your target audience. With Tap-to-Call, your potential clients can call you immediately.

The more tools you have in your mobile marketing tool belt, the more business will come your way. Now that you have learned about tap-to-call functionality for mobile websites and how it can help you to convert more website visitors to paying clients, you owe it to yourself to add tap-to-call functionality to your mobile website today. What are you waiting for?

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