text message marketing for hair salonsHow Hair Salons are Using SMS Text Marketing to Profit in Their Business

If you are the owner of a hair salon business and you are not currently using SMS text marketing for your business, you need to get on board. Here is some information about how SMS text marketing can change the way you do business for the better.

SMS Text Marketing for Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

How annoying is it when clients miss their appointments? Your salon loses money every time a client is a no-show. That means that it is essential to find ways to prevent this from happening. You can use SMS text marketing to provide appointment confirmations and reminders for your clients. Here is how it works:

1. Your client sets an appointment and provides you with their contact information.

2. You input the client’s information and appointment date and time into your SMS appointment system and a confirmation message is automatically generated and is sent to your client’s mobile phone.

3. At a set time (that you decide) your client will receive a reminder message so that they do not forget the specific date or time of their appointment.

4. Your client arrives for their appointment on the right day and at the right time, and your business makes another successful sale.

How Are Other Salon Owners Using SMS Text Marketing?

Debbie Mayo-Smith discusses one salon business that is using SMS text marketing effectively in her recent article entitled Working IT: Simple technology raises the dead.  She mentions her conversations with two gentlemen named Andy Grant and Iain Smith who own a salon called ME Hair Salon that is located in Auckland, Australia. The reason that her article speaks about ‘raising the dead’ is that Grant and Smith use an innovative strategy to reach out to former clients. Every week they create two lists, one of clients who came in during the last week, and another of clients who have not been back to the salon for four to six months. Their receptionist then calls each list of clients. The receptionist thanks the first list of clients for their recent visit to the salon, and then calls the second list of clients to invite them back in to the business. Through this simple technique, ME Hair Salon has increased their sales and also has increased their number of repeat customers.

You can do the same thing that ME Hair Salon is doing for your own salon, with a twist. Why not use SMS text marketing instead of having a receptionist make the calls for you. That way you can save yourself having to pay your receptionist for the extra hours it would take to make the phone calls. Better yet, your clients are likely to be receptive to receiving your SMS messages, even if they are the sorts of people who would find a marketing telephone call annoying or intrusive.

As you can see, SMS text marketing is a great way to connect and engage with your clients so that you can increase your list of repeat customers. You need to be taking advantage of this excellent way to reach out to your client base, and to help your customers remember when their appointments are, so that you can decrease the number of no-shows and clients who arrive late for their appointments.

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