Top 10 Ways to Use Text Message Marketing Blasts for Your Restaurant

restaurant mobile marketingIf you are not already using text message marketing blasts for your restaurant, you are missing out on a great way to bring in more business. This is a formidable tool that can boost your sales exponentially. If your weekly text message marketing blasts are designed properly you will attract more diners and you will see higher overall profits. However, if you use this tool improperly you may see much less positive results.

Here are the top ten ways you can use text message marketing blasts for your restaurant to greatly increase your weekly traffic:

1. Fill more tables

You can use your text message marketing list to send promotional offers like free beverages or appetizers to fill more tables in your restaurant.

2. Bring in more customers on slow days

If certain days are generally slower than others, you can target your text message marketing promotions to offer discounts that are available on your slow days so you can increase your amount of customers on those days.

3. Send more traffic to your website

You can promote your website, Facebook page, or Google Plus page within your text message marketing blasts. That is an excellent way to gain more online exposure for your local restaurant, while encouraging people to talk about your brand within social media networks. You can even offer incentives like gift certificates for awesome posts that mention your business.

4. Promote your contests and specials

Text message marketing blasts are a great way to let your customers know about any contests or specials you are currently running. If customers know they can take advantage of deals or enter contests for prizes, they are sure to flock to your restaurant.

5. Introduce customers to new menu items

You can use text message marketing to let customers know about new menu items and to let them know when certain special items will be featured on the menu.

6. Sell out items you have excess of

If you have a lot of certain items on hand, send a text blast to your list about a special for that menu item. For example, if you have a lot of steaks on hand, you can send your customers information on a 20% off steak and potatoes meal.

7. Bring in customers even in inclement weather

If there is a storm or a blizzard, offer your customers an incentive to brave the weather and come in by having a “Stormy Day” discount.

8. Charity events

Hosting charity events is a great way to show your community that you are a conscientious business owner. You can use text message marketing to promote charity events that you will be hosting at your restaurant. Be sure to send information to some local newspapers or television stations to gain further exposure for your event.

9. Fill empty reservation slots

If you have customers cancel on reservation slots, or if reservation slots remain unfilled, you can let your customers know by sending a text message blast to your list.

10. Revive sales when days are slow

If you are having a slower day, you can send a text message blast at lunchtime to bring in more diners for the dinner rush. Offer a special for one night only and you will definitely see more business by the end of the day.

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