How SMS Text Marketing can Help Your Business Get New Customers

sms text marketingIf you are searching for a new way to gain customers, you should know that SMS text marketing can help your business get new customers. SMS text marketing can help you to get the best return on your investment, and can help you to connect with and engage new and potential customers. Here is some information about SMS text marketing that can help you understand why it should be a part of the current marketing campaign for your business.

Why You Should Consider Using SMS Text Marketing?

These days it really seems like everyone has a mobile phone. Every day, more and more people are making the choice to supplement their landline with a mobile phone or are scrapping their landline altogether. People who have mobile devices or smartphones generally carry them around all the time. That means that you can reach people with text message marketing much more quickly than you can by using other conventional marketing methods.

Why is Text Message Marketing So Effective?

Text message marketing campaigns require users to opt-in to receive communication from your business. These customers are asking you to send them messages, and they respond to those that they receive. Text message marketing requires that you design short and simple messages that are around 160 characters or less. These messages can be designed to entice customers to take advantage of a special offer or deal, or can communicate information about new products or services that your business will be offering in the future. Best of all, mobile phone users open text messages very soon after they have received them. That means that with text message marketing you can see results in a shorter period of time than you would by using other marketing strategies.

Text Message Marketing is Less Expensive Than Other Types of Marketing

Marketing can be extremely expensive. Print marketing campaigns are riddled with costs – design costs, printing costs, materials costs, advertising costs and mail or delivery costs truly add up. Text message marketing cuts out many of these costs so that you can spend less money on marketing while seeing better results from your marketing efforts. Text message marketing also boasts returns of around 20%, making it one of the most effective marketing tools available today.

Text Message Marketing Helps You Increase Your Percentage of Return Customers

If you have been looking for a way to bring former customers back again, text message marketing is a great way to achieve that goal. By offering customers the chance to opt-in to receive text messages from your business when they first patronize your establishment, you can keep your business on your former customers minds so that they are more likely to come back in again.

Today is The Day!

If you have been considering text message marketing for your business but you have not yet taken the plunge, today is the day to get started! With the help of the professionals at TrueNorth3 Mobile, you can design the best text message marketing campaign for your business so you can begin to reap the benefits today.

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