How “Stacked Restaurant” Uses the iPad in their Business Everyday

TrueNorth3 Mobile Marketing for RestaurantsOf Course you have heard of the iPad. Who hasn’t? The iPad is sleek, it is thin – it is everything a consumer could want in a new and edgy piece of technology. What you may not know is that many businesses are using the iPad in creative and inventive ways to enhance their customer’s experience while patronizing their business. One establishment in particular that is gaining attention for using the iPad in a very novel way is “Stacked Restaurant.” Here is some information about how “Stacked Restaurant” uses the iPad in their business every day that can help you to think of new ways you can use the iPad in your business.

How Does “Stacked Restaurant” Use the iPad in Their Business Every Day?

At “Stacked Restaurant,” a customer’s entire experience is enhanced by the presence of an iPad at each and every of their 60 tables. From the very beginning, the iPad is used. A customer will order their drinks and appetizers utilizing the iPad touch screen, and will also use the iPad to order their main course, dessert, and any after dinner drinks. But it doesn’t stop there, customers can even time when their check will arrive by using the iPad. Customers can do all of this without ever having to converse with any of the restaurant’s staff. As you can see, “Stacked Restaurant” is challenging conventional views of what it means to dine out at a restaurant, all by using the iPad in a very creative way.

How Do Customers Like Their Experience at “Stacked Restaurant?”

Customers are responding quite well to the way “Stacked Restaurant” does business using the iPad. This may be due to the fact that the consumers of today are quite familiar with mobile technology, as many consumers have smartphones and mobile devices. For individuals who wish to test drive the iPad but are not able to afford the purchase of this high end computing device, “Stacked Restaurant” may provide them with the chance to check out this new technology for themselves, all while enjoying a tasty meal out with friends or family. Diners at “Stacked Restaurant” are able to be thoroughly involved in their dining experience, almost like the maestro of an orchestra.

What Else is Unique About “Stacked Restaurant?”


Nancy Luna of The Orange County Register interviewed Paul Motenko, the cofounder of “Stacked Restaurant” in early June of 2012. Click here to read the full interview.  Motenko states that the iPad is not the only thing that makes his restaurant stand out from other eateries, stating that at his restaurant:

“You can order in advance online. When you get to the restaurant, you have a preorder code. You input it into the iPad and your entire order pops up…You can’t do that at a regular restaurant – sit down and immediately send your order to the kitchen.”

He also states that “Stacked Restaurant” has not entirely discarded typical menus, and that diners have the chance to peruse a physical menu before entering the table’s orders into the table’s iPad. He additionally states that there is one iPad per table, unless there are over five diners, in which case the table will receive two iPads.

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