How to get Your Business Set Up on the new Google Plus Local

Online marketing continues to be a great way for local businesses to reach out to new and existing customers. Google Places was one very popular choice for search engine marketing for many years. Recent changes at Google have eliminated Google Place pages for businesses and replaced them with Google Plus Local. The following information will teach you how to get your business set up on the new Google Plus Local.

Why Google Plus Local?

Google’s new changes are in response to a changing online marketplace, where more and more people are using the internet and mobile devices to make decisions about which businesses to patronize. Recent statistics gathered by Google indicate that upwards of 20% of online searches are local searches.

How to Start Setting Up Your Business on the new Google Plus Local

First you will need to set up a Google Plus profile. That is a very important step, as you will need your profile to promote and manage your new Google Plus Local Business page. After you have set up your profile, visit to begin creating the page for your business.

You will next need to select what category your business falls into. Make sure to choose “Local Business or Place,” as that is the necessary option if you wish to take advantage of all of the great tools that Google Plus Local has for local businesses. In addition, the other options will not permit you to publish important information like the location of your business and relevant contact information.

Once you gave selected the “Local Business or Place” option, you will be prompted to fill in the following information: (1) Your phone number, (2) your place of business (if you previously had a Google Places page, be sure to choose the same place of business), and (3) what category or type of business you operate. At this point, the initial work is done and all you need to do is click ‘create.’

What Comes Next?

After you have created your Google Plus Local Business page, you need to optimize it so that it is the best possible representative of your business and your brand. If your business does not have an official logo, you may want to consider designing one. If you have a logo but you are not happy with it, enlist the assistance of a graphic designer to give it that extra special touch. Once your page is in top shape, you need to get the word out, so that people start visiting your Google Plus Local Business page.

Today is the day! Google has recently made these changes, so if you get started now, you can get a jump on your competitors. If you are having a difficult time finding the best way to design your page, or are having a rough time figuring out how to promote your Google Plus Local page to bring more customers to your local business, no to worry! With help from the professional and experienced team at TrueNorth3 Mobile Local Social, you can sit back and relax and just wait to reap the benefits of your new Google Plus marketing strategy.

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