How Retail Stores are Using Mobile Marketing

Smartphones and personal mobile devices are truly taking over the marketplace, aren’t they? They are everywhere you look, and people are constantly using them. More people are jumping on board the smartphone train every day, and the rate of new smartphone users is not likely to slow down any time soon. If you are the owner of a retail store, you should know that many retail stores are using mobile marketing efforts to gain an edge on their competitors and to capitalize on the current mobile craze that has swept the nation. The following information will explain how retail stores are using mobile marketing, and how you too can benefit from a well-designed mobile marketing strategy for your retail store.

SMS Messaging Campaigns

SMS messaging campaigns are one great way that retail stores are using mobile marketing to reach out to new customers and repeat customers. SMS message campaigns work like this: First, a customer or potential customer opts-in and agrees to receive messages from your company. Next, you send SMS (short messaging system) communication to the customer’s smartphone, where it can be viewed like a text message.

SMS campaigns are a great way to offer customers incentives for visiting your retail store, and to communicate any news about new products that you will be offering, or upcoming sales and discounts. You may wish to offer certain discounts via a mobile coupon. Mobile marketing companies also help retail store owners to design customer loyalty programs where you can reward your most loyal customers with exclusive personalized discounts and freebies.

QR Codes

QR Codes are another fun way that your retail store can use mobile marketing to gain an edge of the competition. QR Codes are a lot of fun because they encourage customer interaction by requiring that they be scanned to see what cool information they will reveal. Some savvy retail store owners have even placed QR Codes in very creative places, like on changing room windows, or even on T-Shirts that are for sale in the store. QR Codes are a great way to create ‘buzz’ about your brand, and better yet, they can oftentimes be easily incorporated into your existing print advertising campaign.

Mobile Websites

Make sure that your retail store has a mobile optimized website. This is essential for any retail store that wishes to be successful during the mobile era, when so many customers are making decisions regarding what to purchase using their smartphones, and when so many people are making purchases via their mobile devices. Mobile websites are easy to navigate with a mobile device, and as a result, they can help your retail store to increase your profits considerably.

The mobile device and smartphone trend has created opportunities for business owners of many different types of small businesses to gain exposure and to attract new customers via mobile marketing campaigns. If you are the owner of a retail store, you can’t afford to be without a mobile marketing plan. Enlist the help of trained professionals so you can get started designing the perfect mobile marketing campaign for your retail store today!

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