Why Your Business Should Be Using Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs have been a cornerstone of business operations for a very long time. From frequent flyer miles to cash back on credit card purchases, many different companies in various industries have increased their sales by offering rewards to loyal customers. Today, mobile customer loyalty programs continue this tradition, and bring it up to date with the current mobile climate. Here is some information about mobile customer loyalty programs that can help you to see why they are such an attractive option for business owners.

What Are Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs?

A mobile customer loyalty program is a marketing tool. In most basic terms, it is a list of email addresses and cell phone numbers of customers or clients who opt in and elect to receive communication from your business. Mobile customer loyalty programs enable business owners to reach many customers at once.

What Are the Characteristics of a Great Customer Loyalty Program?

While many companies offer customer loyalty programs, here are a couple things to look for to find the best company to work with. First, look for a system that is fully automated. That way you can be sure that things will run smoothly. Next, look for a program that allows you to input additional information about customers, such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you have that information, you can send birthday or anniversary messages and discount offers to your customers. That is a great way to personalize their experience with your company.

Two Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Customer Loyalty Program 

1. Do Not Overdo It!

Do not bombard your customers with tons of emails and texts. It can be very tempting to send a lot of messages, especially if you are just beginning to experiment with mobile marketing. Remember that sometimes less is more! Plan the best reward or discount you can think of, and run it by a couple of friends or colleagues before hitting ‘send.’

2. Only Send Messages to Customers Who Opt In

Word of mouth marketing is more effective than you may think. Even if your mobile customer loyalty program starts out small with a modest list, the list is sure to grow as your clients or customers start to spread the word about how much they are saving and the cool offers they have received.

As you can see, mobile customer loyalty programs are a great way to increase visibility and to drive more traffic to your business. Do not let your competitors reap the benefits of this amazing marketing tool while you are left in the dust! Check out your options for a mobile customer loyalty program as soon as you can. You will be glad that you did!

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