How to Use QR Codes for Local Business

qr codes for businessQR codes are a lot of fun and they are popping up everywhere these days, aren’t they? Some truly creative advertisers have used them in all sorts of innovative ways, like on a poster on the wall of a bathroom in a club, or even on a t-shirt! If you wish to give QR codes a try for your business, here are some tips on how to use QR Codes for Local Business.

Tip #1 – Integrate QR Codes into Your Existing Print Advertising Campaigns

If you have a print advertising campaign in the works, if it is not too late you should see if the manufacturers mind making some minor changes so that you can integrate a QR code into your print campaign. You can do the same thing with newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, or any other printed material that is distributed by or created by your business. People love to scan QR codes, so if your materials have QR codes on them, you stand a much better chance of getting a good return on your investment with your print campaign.

Tip #2 – Place a QR Code at Your Place of Business

Remember the previous example of the poster on the bathroom wall of a club? Take advantage of any locations in and around your business where people will remain for a while. Putting QR codes on your signage in the door, in a window, or on a sign in the waiting area are great ideas that can entertain clients or customers who have to wait for an appointment or consultation. If you place the QR code in a place where it is visible from outside of your establishment, you may gain new customers that were enticed to your brand via the QR code. You can also place a QR code on a billboard, which is a really great way to get noticed! Many people will scan a QR code on a billboard with the smartphone without question just to see if they can actually scan it!

Tip #3 – Create Business Cards with QR Codes

Let’s face it; many business cards end up in a circular file. Whether it is a dusty rolodex or a trash can, those are both places where business cards go to die. When you hand someone a business card, in that initial moment you really have to wow them or do something memorable to prevent your card going that route. A great way to stand out from the pack is to place QR codes on your business cards, and any business cards that you issue to employees or representatives of your business. Business cards with QR codes are not all that common, so they offer you a chance to be creative, original, and memorable – all good things when you are trying to make an impression.

By using these 3 fun tips for using QR codes for local business, you are sure to engage your customers and create new customers and repeat customers. Just be sure that your QR codes work well with mobile devices and that you let your customers know what they are, so that they can have the chance to scan them and join in on all the fun.

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