Google Places is Now Local Google+ Pages: What Businesses Need to Know!

google plus for businessRecent changes at Google include integrating Google+ pages and business pages. In addition, Google Place is no more. Although this change was expected for quite some time, many businesses are unprepared or under prepared for the new reality with which they are faced. However, if businesses know how to use their Local Google+ page, they will be able to control it and use it to monitor what customers are saying about their business so they can respond appropriately. Here is some information about Local Google+ Pages that can help you to understand how they can benefit your business.

What is Google+?

Google+ is a local search portal that allows users to share their reviews and experiences in one place. All reviews and tasks that previously were performed on Google Place Pages now are available on the Local Google+ business page. New features at Google+ allow users to categorize and filter their search results using various criteria. “Your circles” offer a fun way for clients and patrons to search for places that their friends have patronized, or “touched.” Once a user “touches” a location, they can leave reviews and comments for others to see. Google+ Local Business pages over users the chance to truly direct other consumer’s choices through their personal experiences and opinions. That means that it has never been more important for businesses to create a strong online presence, and a solid reputation.

Can I Still Use My Google Places Page?

TrueNorth 3 Mobile SocialGoogle Places pages and Google Business Listings are both embodied in the Google+ Local page for each business. If you have a Google Business page, expect it to be converted to a Google+ Local Business page. Don’t worry, your page won’t disappear, it will be reborn a better more functional page that is sure to help you to gain more customers and clients, so long as you use its tools properly. You can’t risk not having a well-designed and carefully monitored Google+ Local Business page. For example, if your competitors have a page that is well-maintained and earn a reputation for being responsive and customer-oriented, you will lose business to them if you do not show the same degree of responsiveness and customer care. You can create a Google+ page for your business quickly and easily, but if you do not have the time or are not confident in your capacity to do it yourself, you can hire a professional from an internet and mobile marketing company to assist you with the creation of your Google+ page.

Now that you know a bit more about the new changes at Google and how they affect your business, you can breathe easily knowing that the changes will work in your favor. The keys to your success are right before you. All you need to do is use them properly! With the help of an online marketing professional, you are sure to rise to the top using your new Google+ Local Business page. Take advantage of the online marketplace! Remember, it continues to grow, even as other sectors suffer in these present economic times.

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