How to Use Mobile Marketing Text-to-Win Campaigns for Your Business

Mobile marketing is truly the future of marketing for businesses. More and more consumers are using their mobile phones as their primary internet source, and more and more consumers use their mobile devices to shop online, and to choose which local businesses to patronize. If you are just beginning to explore your mobile marketing options, you should know that mobile marketing text-to-win campaigns are a great way to attract more clients and customers, and to retain those you have already gained. Here is some information about mobile marketing text-to-win campaigns that can help to explain why they are such a great choice for business owners.

What Are Mobile Marketing Text-to-Win Campaigns?

Mobile marketing text-to-win campaigns are a promotional marketing tool. Business owners allow customers and potential customers the option of entering a contest or sweepstakes by texting a certain number or web address. Mobile marketing text-to-win campaigns utilizes short messaging systems (SMS) to send text messages to customers and potential clients, allowing them to opt-in to contests or sweepstakes. A text-to-win campaign can be used to:

1. Introduce your customers to new products or services you are offering;

2. Reward customers for choosing your business by offering prizes; and to

3. Reach out to new customers and introduce them to your business.

Text-to-win campaigns generally allow users to enter the contest in exchange for allowing the business to send them promotional and marketing SMS messages. Once the individual has opted-in, they are entered into the contest, and you will be able to use their cell number to text them information about your business, and about any products and services you are offering.

What Are the Characteristics of a Great Text-to-Win Campaign?

Mobile Marketing For BusinessThere are several companies that run text-to-win campaigns for businesses. However, it can be difficult to choose which company can best help you to achieve your goals. Here are a couple things to look for that can help you to find the best company to work with. First, be sure to read reviews and success stories from prior customers. Next, make sure that the company will provide you with the ability to track the success of the program. Finally, make sure that the company understands the legalities of running contests or sweepstakes, and that they have experience in assisting business owners with mobile marketing campaigns. By ensuring that the mobile marketing company you select meets these three criteria, you can be sure to choose a company that can help you to achieve and surpass your business goals.

Mobile devices are gaining popularity at an incredibly remarkable speed. Today, users of smart phone and mobile devices can range from teenagers and young adults to the elderly. If you are not yet taking advantage of the new mobile marketplace, you are truly missing out. Now that you know more about how to use text-to-win marketing campaigns and how they can help you successfully reach out to new clients and provide rewards to current clients, you owe it to yourself to check out your options. Do not miss the boat on this one! You can greatly increase your brand’s visibility, while strengthening the relationship between your business and your clients.


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