The Top 7 Mobile Marketing Trends of 2012

mobile marketingMobile marketing is hot, and for good reason. Learn how you can capitalize on this cutting-edge new way to connect with and engage potential clients and current customers with these Top 7 Mobile Marketing Trends of 2012.

Trend #1 Text Messaging is Becoming More Popular

Texting is certainly popular these days. From grandmothers to high school students, all different types of people send and receive text messages today. It is estimated that in 2012, people will send around 8 trillion text messages. That means that SMS marketing has never been more desirable than it is today.

Trend #2 Mobile Spending is On the Rise

The number of small and medium sized businesses that utilize mobile marketing is definitely rising. In 2011, business owners spent over $3 billion dollars on mobile marketing. That means that if you wish to compete with other businesses in your niche, you can’t afford to go without mobile marketing.

Trend #3 Social Networking Sites and Mobile Devices Are Greatly Linked

Today, the vast majority of social networking websites have mobile apps that make their sites better integrate with smart phones and mobile devices. Some mobile phones even come with a Facebook app pre-installed. This increases the opportunity to connect with customers who use mobile devices to access social networking sites.

Trend #4 Smartphones Are Fast Becoming the Top Choice for Mobile Devices

Many youngsters that you may encounter these days cannot remember a time before cell phones. However, if those same youngsters were given a cell phone from the 1990s, they likely would have no idea what it was. Smartphones are getting more and more attention these days, because they are user friendly, and have multiple uses. If you are a mobile marketer, or are a business owner who wishes to start a new marketing campaign, you should definitely consider mobile marketing.

Trend #5 Social Games are Becoming More Popular

You may remember a certain celebrity who was recently kicked off of a plane because of his refusal to stop playing a certain word game. Whether or not you agree with his actions, what cannot be denied is that social gaming via mobile devices is extremely popular today. This trend creates an opportunity for businesses to team up with social game developers, and develop targeted marketing campaigns.

Trend #6 Mobile Banking and Money Transfers

TrueNorth3 Mobile Social LocalDid you know that in 2011 over $80 billion dollars was transferred via mobile banking and money transfers? Additionally, did you know that over 140 million mobile banking transactions took place in 2011? Those numbers are projected to rise in 2012.

Trend #7 Location Based Marketing is Gaining Popularity

Thanks to GPS and Wifi enabled smart phones, more and more people are performing local searches on their mobile devices. That means that if you wish to reach local customers, you should make sure that your businesses’ name pops up on those local searches.


 Bonus: Trend #8 Video Marketing – The Next Frontier

Video marketing is one of the most exciting marketing trends for 2012. Many businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of sites like Youtube, and are creating promotional videos for their products and services. Most smart phones are able to view mobile videos, and can be bookmarked for convenience. Mobile phone users may also choose to share your video with their friends!


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