How to use Pinterest for Small Business Marketing

Have you heard of Pinterest? Believe it or not, a lot of small business owners are using Pinterest to promote their services, with an extremely high rate of success. The following information is designed to explain what Pinterest is and how it works, and to give you a taste of how to use Pinterest for small business marketing, so you can take advantage of everything this amazing and rapidly growing social media site has to offer you.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is somewhat of a virtual bulletin board. Each Pinterest page belongs to a specific user, and contains whatever content they have chosen to ‘pin’ to their own personal virtual bulletin board. The beauty of this system is that you and only you get to choose what is displayed. That means that you can make content that is specifically designed to promote your small business, and pin it on your page. Then the best part happens – other users who like what they see will pin your content and display it on their own Pinterest page. As you can see, this could potentially bring your message to multitudes of consumers, especially if you choose the right content to pin on your page.

Why is Pinterest Such a Great Place to Market Your Small Business?

First of all, it is the ‘hot’ new thing. In the world of ‘trending’ that we live in today, there is nothing better than the newest thing. So many people are into social networking websites that the right website will take off extremely quickly, and that is just what happened in the case of Pinterest. But Pinterest doesn’t seem likely to be just a fad, because it is so novel a concept executed in such an effective fashion. For example, say that you are a clothing designer living in Connecticut. Wishing to increase visibility for your designs, you start a Pinterest page in order to show off your designs to people from many different locations. Now your designs are able to be viewed by any computer or mobile device that can access the Pinterest website. Your brand just went from being a Connecticut design house to being a global enterprise!

How Can You Get Started?

small business marketingIf you are ready to get started using Pinterest, that’s great! However, you need to know that it is not as easy as simply clicking a sign-up button. To join this ‘club,’ you’re going to need an invitation. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that it continues to grow in popularity. Who doesn’t want to be a member of an exclusive club, right? If you know a Pinterest user, try asking them to send you one. If you don’t know anyone who can send you an invitation, don’t fret! You can send a request for an invitation directly to Pinterest – but understand that you may have to wait a bit to receive it.

Now that you know a little more about how to use Pinterest for small business marketing, you can begin today by visiting Pinterest, taking a look at the content that is currently displayed on various Pinterest pages, and working on getting your invitation. This site is continuing to grow at a very rapid right, so now is definitely the right time for you to join in the fun. Good luck!

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