How Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Timeline

facebook marketingWhen you have a business and you want to expand the number of loyal customers you have, it is important to use the internet and online realm to help with obtaining new potential clients who are genuinely interested in your products or services. Using Facebook and the new Facebook Timeline for business allows you to easily connect with your customers and those who are located in your area to help with increasing revenue and to also help with keeping in touch with your current customers and the fans of your brand.

There are multiple ways to use Facebook Timeline for business that can help to dramatically increase the growth of your brand and the number of customers you have.

A Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

One of the major features of the new Facebook Timeline is the “cover photo”, which is a large header banner that allows both people and brands on Facebook to add a “logo” or customized photo to share with anyone visiting the page. These headers range from colorful patterns and pop culture icons to brand-specific images to help promote a company, a service, or even a new product that is being released. Adding a cover photo is done immediately upon opening a Facebook profile and using Timeline.

Your Brand’s History

Truenorth3A benefit of using Facebook Timeline is the memory features and the “history” the Timeline keeps track of for all users, including business pages. When a business is using a Facebook Timeline page seeing past events and important dates for the brand and company is possible with just a few clicks–as the history is stored and organized in a chronological order for easy access at all times. This is useful for finding old posts and promotions and also for re-sharing old products, sales, or posts that were made by the page itself.

Private Messages and Your Community

Another feature that Facebook Timeline offers for businesses and brands is the ability to private message anyone in the entire community and anyone who “likes” the page and is a virtual fan of it. Administrators of the Facebook page are directly able to receive messages from customers and fans without having to read separate email accounts to do so. Instead, customers are able to send questions, compliments or concerns directly to the Facebook page using Timeline.

Additional Brand Management

Users of Facebook Timeline are able to help with building a brand’s name, or the company altogether by managing important posts on the profile page itself. Administrators who have control of a business fan page on Facebook are able to select specific posts to “feature” or to make “sticky”, (also called Pinning a post) which cause the posts to remain at the top of the Facebook Timeline page above all other posts (even if there are new posts or comments made to the page). This feature is useful for businesses and brands who are promoting a new product or who are having a sale. This can help to build virtual likes and comments on the same post to grow it virally. Additionally, the tool is useful for sharing site updates or maintenance news to all followers of the business.

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