Why All Businesses Should Have a Mobile Optimized Website

mobile_marketingModern marketing has radically changed over the past few years in response to constantly evolving and expanding technology. These new innovations have provided marketing with a completely new lease on life. Businesses now have the ability to rapidly connect with a wider customer base and have more flexibility than ever before. Mobile marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies available. It’s both exceedingly effective and extremely economical.

Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile Optimized Website?

Modern consumers have altered the way in which they search for and purchase products and services. Gone are the days of flicking through the yellow pages and calling up businesses for various goods and services. Most businesses understand that the internet is a major source of customer referrals and consumer sales. However, many businesses are yet to fully capitalize on the benefits of mobile marketing.

To take full advantage of mobile marketing it’s essential that you have a mobile optimized website. You might be saying “But I already have a website, why do I need to change it and make it mobile ready?” While you may have a website, most likely it’s been developed to be viewed from a desktop computer and consequently it won’t display correctly on a mobile device.

A Mobile website is a much simpler and faster loading version of your normal website. They’re designed specifically to suit modern mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop notepads.

In fact, some traditional websites won’t show up at all on some mobile phones like the iPhone for example. The iPhone is not compatible with Flash based websites, therefore none of the millions of desktop website that utilize Flash can be viewed correctly, if at all on the iPhone, which is one of the worlds most popular smartphones.

The fact is that although people are still using desktop computers to access web pages, over 50 percent of consumers search for products and services using a mobile device. Findings from a recent study by Pew Research Center show that 35 percent of all adults in the United States own smartphones, and 68 percent of these people use their mobile device to access the internet each day. This trend is only going to increase.

This is a massive amount of consumers that your business isn’t accessing. The reality is that if you want to run a competitive and profitable business in these modern times, you need to be optimized for mobile customers.

What Makes a Great Mobile Optimized Website?

A great mobile optimized website will have considered a number of factors. It must be able to quickly display quality information that can be easily read; otherwise the viewer will simply close their browser.

You have to understand that not all mobile devices are built equally. What may display perfectly for one mobile device can be a nightmare for another mobile device. A well designed mobile optimized website will be compatible with all types of mobile devices. This ensures that all customers can benefit from your website.

Other Advantages of Mobile Marketing

why_your_business_should_have_a_mobile_optimized_websiteI’ve already mentioned that mobile optimized websites are essential because so many consumers use mobile devices to access the internet. However, there are also other advantages.

Unlike traditional marketing, mobile marketing is actually real-time marketing. Information and advertising materials are made available to consumers instantly.

Businesses who take advantage of mobile marketing have a greater opportunity to reach a larger consumer base for minimal effort and financial investment. Mobile content can be very easily shared by users, this creates viral marketing opportunities and businesses can reap the rewards of excessive exposure without having to do anything.

Mobile marketing creates better business opportunities and leads to significantly higher conversion rates. Mobile marketing is definitely here to stay and it will only grow larger. The sooner your business is onboard with a mobile optimized website, the quicker your business can start to harness the rewards.

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