Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

mobile_marketing_for_small_businessOne of the biggest problems small businesses have is getting a high return on investment for their marketing efforts. Marketing is the life-blood of all businesses, but unfortunately most businesses fail to get the most out of their marketing dollars. Many small business owners opt for the old fashion traditional forms of marketing such as, buying full ads in the yellow pages, buying spots in newspapers, and some with deep pockets opt for expensive television and radio ads that are not guaranteed to reach potential customers when they are most likely to be in the buying mode. This article will explain why mobile marketing is the best form of marketing for small businesses. I will provide 4 reasons why mobile marketing for business owners is the way to go.

Reach Customers When They Are Ready To Buy

The problem with most traditional forms of marketing is that they are easily forgotten when the customer is in a buying mood. Businesses like restaurants and retail shops have specific times of the day and week when customers are in need of their services, but traditional marketing isn’t able to target these customers at those times. Print media, TV spots, and radio spots are only useful if someone has a newspaper in front of them or a TV on.

Mobile marketing can reach potential customers exactly when they are trying to make a decision. At my mobile marketing company, TrueNorth3 Mobile, we work with club owners who blast mobile marketing messages to their customers’ mobile phones at 3:00 pm Friday evening to promote their events for later that evening. We work with restaurant owners who send mobile coupons through our text message marketing service everyday at 11:00 AM when workers stomachs are beginning to growl in anticipation of lunch time. Mobile marketing for business allows you to reach people when they are most likely going to be interested in your services.

Customers Have Their Mobile Devices With Them 24/7

Smart phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads have made it so that customers have given us the green-light to market to them 24/7. People always have their cell phone or other mobile devices within arms reach; they are always ready to read your mobile marketing messages, offers and campaigns! We can send marketing materials anytime of the day. Use your imagination to see how potent this is!

Instantly Send New Promotions

Mobile Marketing is instant. You don’t have to wait for a newspaper to print your ad or for a TV or Radio network to put your commercial into its rotation. Your mobile marketing campaigns are instantly sent, and this allows you to quickly determine the usefulness of our services.

Build Rapport With Your Customers

One of the most effective and simple forms of mobile marketing for business is sending coupons, discounts, and friendly reminders to your customers and prospects. Utilizing mobile coupons in this way can help you build a rapport with your customers and create a ton of repeat business. Today’s consumer is looking for an experience, not just a service. Savvy business owners use mobile marketing to share their personality and the culture of their business. The more people know about you, the more they will trust you!

Imagine if a restaurant recorded a youtube video of them cooking their lunch special. In the video it shows how much fun they have in the kitchen, and the video also showed how much people enjoyed the meal. Or the video could show the chef describing the specials of the day. A video like this could be text messaged to customers around lunch time, and would entice them to visit your restaurant. This kind of mobile marketing can be used with virtually any business, and it is the kind of marketing strategies that we at TrueNorth3 help our clients implement everyday.

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